Why One Stranger Things Star Wants You To Stop Eating Nutella

It's not that the actor who plays Will Byers on Netflix's hit series "Stranger Things" doesn't like Nutella. In fact, 17-year old Noah Schnapp told Forbes that he actually loves the ubiquitous milk-chocolate-hazelnut spread as much, if not more so, than the next guy. However, Schnapp also cares about his health and the environment, and feels that Nutella is problematic for both. The actor felt so passionately about this that he partnered with "conscious brand" creator Umana Venture Studio to develop a healthy and sustainable alternative to traditional Nutella — which is to say, one that does not rely on palm oil for its oft-fetishized creamy texture and satisfying flavor (via Today). 

Over the last two years, Schnapp and Umana worked on developing a chocolate-hazelnut spread that contains no palm oil, per Food Business News. It also contains less sugar than Nutella. The spread launched last fall under the brand name "TBH." TBH, which stands for "to be honest," bills itself as a "new snacking company focused on upending Nutella's position as the leading hazelnut spread." It goes without saying that the "Stranger Things" star would like his fans and others to stop eating Nutella and start eating TBH instead. Join us as we delve into why that is, and, perhaps more importantly for all you Nutella fans out there, why Schnapp's concerns may be a bit overblown.

Some of the stranger things about TBH's premise

"Stranger Things" star Noah Schnapp wants you to put down that jar of Nutella and pick up some TBH. As he told Forbes, his issue with the popular spread is its use of palm oil, which has been associated with global deforestation, destruction of natural habitats, and related harm to communities, per The New York Times. And as Healthline notes, consuming palm oil may also have certain health risks — it is an oil, after all. Schnapp has specifically stated that "transparency is definitely a major part of TBH," which hopes to attract Gen Z with "products that are better for you and better for the planet."

"To be honest," however, it is not entirely clear where Nutella is lacking in "transparency." Indeed, Nutella is fully transparent regarding its reliance on palm oil, per the brand's website. Nutella has even clarified that it uses only 100% RSPO certified sustainable palm oil in support of its commitment to "securing a deforestation-free and exploitation-free palm oil supply chain." Those with environmental concerns may be surprised to hear that, per Healthline, the type of palm oil used in Nutella is actually considered an acceptable alternative.

As to the health issues cited by Schnapp, it is true that palm oil isn't the healthiest. However, Healthline notes it also comes with health benefits. What can be said for certain about TBH from a nutritional standpoint is that it is vegan, unlike Nutella, and it contains less sugar.