Crumbl Just Added A Mom-Inspired Cookie Flavor Ahead Of Mother's Day

When it comes to celebrating your mom, you can't go wrong with something sweet. Some folks have bypassed the traditional box of chocolates by presenting their mothers with a bouquet made not of flowers, but cookies, per Cheryl's. Others opt for baking a batch of homemade cookies they know Mom will love. For everyone else that may not feel comfortable navigating their oven or whisk, Crumbl has a history of serving up every cookie flavor under the sun. A Redditor went through the painstaking effort of documenting the dozens of flavors that the company has released over years, but there aren't necessarily many varieties dedicated specifically to Mothers' Day.

However, Brand Eating reports that Crumbl has a few plans in store this coming week. Notably, the brand intends to keep its Lemon Glaze Cookie on sale until May 7, but also announced the return of a fan favorite — a cookie that celebrates mothers just in time for their namesake holiday.

A celebration of mothers in cookie form

According to Brand Eating, Crumbl intends to release a new set of cookies this week, including a Pink Velvet Cookie, Hazelnut Mudslide with Nutella Cookie, Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie, and Mom's Recipe Cookie. The Mom's Recipe Cookie is fittingly being released close to Mother's Day and invoke its fair share of warmth thanks to its ingredients: semi-sweet chocolate, toffee, peanut butter chips, and sprinkles of sea salt on top of an oatmeal cookie. The item sounds like something your mom might serve you rather than receive herself, but either way, it should definitely get anyone in the mood for Mother's Day.

Anyone who follows the cookie company may note that the Mom's Recipe Cookie looks familiar. Crumbl announced the cookie last year in an Instagram post around Mother's Day 2021, and fans took note. Anyone who loved the limited-time offering may be glad to know they can dig into it once again. And as the Instagram post's comment section shows, people had even been demanding that the company bring back the cookie. While Crumbl might not serve up these particular cookies as a bouquet yet, Mom's Recipe is still sure to be a popular choice for Mom's big day.