Why You Might See A Peach Truck Roll Through Your City This Summer

Contrary to what a certain 1995 one-hit wonder would lead you to believe, peaches do not come from cans that were put there by men; they grow on large deciduous trees that come alive in the warmest months of the year, sometimes as early as April or May (via Gardening Solutions). While grocery stores around the country stock the sweet stone fruit in the summer, and while they can be found growing in places like California and New Jersey, peaches are synonymous with sunny southern states like South Carolina and Georgia, also known as the Peach State (via AgMRC). 

There's nothing like tasting ripe produce grown in its ideal climate — think of San Marzano tomatoes from Italian vines or lemons from Californian trees — and peaches are no exception. For those who have never experienced the pleasure of plucking a peach from its branch and biting into its gloriously juicy flesh, a touring truck is hitting the road this June to bring fresh crates of the summer fruit to folks across the U.S.

The Peach Truck Tour kicks off June 13

Jessica and Stephen Rose's Nashville company The Peach Truck, founded in 2012, was founded with the goal of sharing delicious peaches from the South with people all over the country, per Food Network. With peach groves already dripping with fruit in southern states, the company will pack its truck with 25-pound boxes of fragrant peaches and set out through 24 different states on June 13, including New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and others along the East Coast, South, and Midwest. Customers can either pre-order online and retrieve their peaches at designated pickup spots or opt for home delivery, whether it's a standard box ($50) or a box with two bags of pecans ($110), which are grown alongside peaches in Georgia.

Food Network also reports that The Peach Truck may stock additional peachy merchandise, as well as copies of its official cookbook that features 100 recipes for dishes like peach pecan sticky buns, white pizza with peach, pancetta, and chile. If you forget to preorder, maybe you'll be lucky enough to stumble upon the bright orange truck when it swings through your city.