TGI Fridays Just Dropped New Cocktails And Desserts For Mother's Day

When it comes to treating your mom right on Mother's Day, you might have your work cut out for you. You could opt to spend the day gardening with her, treat her to a spa day, cook a meal together, or even plan a trip to their favorite vacation destination, as Hindustan Times suggests. Just planning a day with your mother might require some effort, as would preparing a special menu for her. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recommends treating your mother to a breakfast in bed, a classic brunch complete with mimosas, or any meal where they don't have to clean up a ton of dishes afterwards.

If all of those ideas fail, TGI Fridays has a backup plan in the form of some signature drinks and desserts designed for moms everywhere. According to Chew Boom, the fast casual chain has whipped up two new desserts and two new cocktails for mothers everywhere. Mother's Day revelers can start off their meal with either a Fri-Yay or a Ten to One Lavender Lemonade. The Fri-Yay features Rum Haven Coconut Rum, SKYY Vodka, Monin Classic Watermelon, fresh lime juice and a bit of club soda mixed together to get the celebration going, while the Ten to One Lavender Lemonade comes with Ten to One White Rum, Lemonade, Monin Lavender Lemon, club soda and a butterfly pea flower. This offering features a lavender-blue hue that sets it apart from the herd and preps TGI Fridays' diners for a round of desserts.

Mother's Day desserts at TGI Fridays

If the new TGI Fridays drink menu can't win your mother over, the desserts might do the trick. FSR Magazine reports that the chain now offers The Mother of all Desserts just in time for Mother's Day. This massive combo of cake, cookies, and more features a slice of Cinnabon Caramel Cheesecake and a huge Oreo cookie loaded with a scoop of Cookies & Cream ice cream and sprinkles alongside a side sundae that comes with vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate brownie bits, glazed pecans, chocolate and caramel sauce, whipped cream, and strawberries.

If that sounds like overkill, the restaurant has another option for anyone who wants a different flavor profile. The brand also plans to roll out a signature Peanut Butter Fudge Obsession. This creation features layers of peanut butter fudge and an Oreo crust and comes sprinkled with M&M's, peanuts, chocolate bits, vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate sauce drizzle, and even more Oreo crumbs. If you have a mother who's hard to shop for or you just need to go all out, these exciting culinary creations might just give you an edge when it comes to celebrating Mother's Day.