Why Reddit Is Unhappy Over Starbucks' New Summer Menu

With summer just around the corner, the time has arrived for Starbucks to break out its seasonal menu that celebrates the return of warm weather, pool parties, and outdoor grilling. The chain has never held back — back in 2021, the chain rolled out Strawberry Funnel Cake Frappucinos, Unicorn Cake Pops, Mango Dragonfruit Refreshers, and much more (via Influenster). 

This year, the chain plans to go just as hard. Best Coffee Recipes reports that the chain plans to launch an Iced Toasted Vanilla Oat Milk Shaken Espresso, a toasted vanilla syrup flavoring, Baya energy drinks, and a new line of coffee beans. Starbucks then released a press release and wowed patrons even more by announcing new items like a Yuzu Passionfruit Starbucks M:LK Cream Oolong, Mango on the Beach Frappuccino, and a luxurious drink called the Seaside Macadamia White Chocolate Frappuccino that takes its blue hue from blueberry sugar powder and evokes the ocean through graham cracker crumbles. At first glance, these drinks look like a dream come true for anyone who wants to escape the dreariness of winter, but upon further inspection, the drinks are only available in Asia. A similar mix-up happened over on Reddit and coffee fans couldn't believe another Starbucks summer menu won't hit America.

A summer menu just out of reach

A Reddit thread sprung up based on how good a new Starbucks summer menu looks, which features items like watermelon slices, Orange Mango Refreshers, S'Mores Muffins, a pistachio and raspberry cake, and much more. The top comment points out that the new line of food doesn't appear to be coming to the United States and one reply sums up the sentiments of the entire thread, "I just need you to know that all of us in America ... Especially those of us who thought they missed an announcement and that this was for here ... We're weeping."

Another user pointed out that the blackboard menu featured in the thread most likely stems from a U.K. Starbucks, and points out that even Canada can't score a good deal in the whole scope of Starbucks menu launches. Others called out the chain for never having fresh fruit in stock at their locations in America, and many lamented the fact that stateside patrons might never taste the Orange Mango Refresher. In the grand scheme of things, it looks like the U.S. summer menu is much more reserved than the U.K. offerings. While the Reddit crowd can't believe what they're missing in England, hopefully no one tells them about the Asian Starbucks summer line.