Costco Shoppers Are Excited For The Return Of A Fan-Favorite Wine

Classy, complex, and exquisite, nothing beats a glass of wine at the end of a long hard week. Whether you are splitting a bottle of merlot at a romantic dinner or enjoying a refreshing glass of rosé at an afternoon picnic, there's a type of wine that's suited for every occasion (via Her Campus). This beverage is particularly ideal when you are trying to celebrate or set the mood, because, let's face it, a six-pack of brewskis doesn't always cut it. Not to mention, wine complements food, meaning that the right wine pairing can take your entire dining experience up a notch, as noted by Wine Turtle.

There's so much to love about wine, whether you enjoy red or white, rosé or even a bottle of bubbly. One of the few downsides of this alcoholic beverage? When walking through the wine aisle, there are almost too many options to choose between. The right red wine for cooking is going to be different than the one you pair with your perfectly built charcuterie board

Unfortunately, enjoying a glass of wine every now and again does not make you a world-class sommelier. That's why no advice is more welcomed than a great wine recommendation. When it comes to Costco wines, a fan-favorite bottle has just returned to shelves, and customers couldn't be more excited (via Reddit).

It may not be available in all Costco locations

Costco shoppers took to Reddit to celebrate the return of one of their fan-favorite red wines. "It is here. sound the alarm," user @Starman973 captioned the post about this 2020 bottle, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, which comes from one of Costco's staple brands, Kirkland Signature. They described the wine as having a wide variety of flavors including strawberry, oak, vanilla, and dark chocolate. They also noted that the wine is well-balanced, mentioning in the comments, "It is dry but not overly so." 

Many of the (currently) 116 comments echoed the original poster's excitement in the comment section. One revealed "Came here to post this but you beat me to it," while another appreciative fan wrote, "Oooh, thanx Starman!" One excited Costco customer exclaimed, "The beacon is lit!" Some users took to the comment section to share ways that the wine could be mixed with other drinks to create yummy summer beverages, including wine spritzers.

Costco Wine Blog also spoke highly of this particular Kirkland bottle, giving it a solid rating of 90 out of 100. It's unclear how long the coveted wine will be in stock and some Reddit users shared that it's not available in their local Costco, so if you're making the trip solely for the item, perhaps call ahead to your local Costco first.