Trader Joe's Fan-Favorite Mustard Is Officially Back

The weather is settling into a consistent streak of sunny skies and warm temperatures throughout much of the United States, meaning it's about that time for the grillmasters of the country to fire up the ole' barbeque. Burgers, steaks, and corn on the cob are just a few of our grilling favorites, and then, of course, there are hot dogs, which we're sure many can agree taste so good when fresh from the grill, regardless of whether it's powered by charcoal or gas.

According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day is considered "peak hot dog season" in the U.S., during which more than seven billion franks are consumed. And if you're one of the many hot dog connoisseurs that consider mustard to be the only condiment worthy of topping the ballpark staple, we've got some good news. After capturing the hearts of sauce lovers last year, Trader Joe's fan-favorite Dill Pickle Mustard has landed back in stores just in time for the start of the 2022 grilling season. 

The tangy condiment was spotted at one of the grocer's California locations by enthusiast @traderjoeslist, who alerted their Instagram following of its return. "IT'S BACK. DILL PICKLE MUSTARD," the Instagrammer captioned a post containing two photos of the condiment that retails for $1.99. "Will you be revisiting this in your next #traderjoes haul?" they asked, to which the answer appears to be an overwhelming "yes."

Trader Joe's shoppers are stoked to see its Dill Pickle Mustard back

With more than 10 different options in the mustard realm alone, adding another bottle to the shelf on your refrigerator door may seem like overkill. However, if you're able to make some space, Trader Joe's returning Dill Pickle Mustard may be worthy of adding to your collection. Per the Food Beast, the grocer's unique twist on the beloved classic "channels the piquant utility of mustard and the tart zest of dill pickles," which, for Mrs. Trader Joe's, was a combination deserving of a 9 out of 10 rating. 

"I'm so glad that TJ's created this concoction because I don't think I'll ever go back to using plain yellow mustard ever again," the blogger declared after sampling the product last year. "My sandwich tasted like pickles, yet the plot twist is = I didn't add any pickles."

Despite the clear hype around the product when it debuted last year, TJ's Dill Pickle Mustard's time on the shelves was, sadly, short-lived. Now, however, the summertime product has made its way back in stores, much to the delight of fans. "I look for this at least once a month! Wonderful news!" user @jessrmacc commented on @traderjoeslist's post

"This just made my day!!!!" quipped another fan, while a third declared that they would buy every bottle of the mustard at their local Trader Joe's if the employees allow it. Considering that this mustard will once again likely only be around for a limited time, their strategy might be wise.