Reddit Is Just Finding Out About This Unusual Costco Item

Although Costco is known primarily for its great deals on bulk items, you can also get deals on some strange items as well. For example, hit Costco up if you're in need of a 240-servings bucket of mac and cheese, 72 pounds of cheese, a kilo of caviar, or 7 pounds of Nutella (via Moneywise). You can even get some nice Wagyu beef at $210 a pound. However, the bizarre things you can buy at Costco only get more interesting from there.

On the same shopping trip, you can get a new pair of glasses, a swimming pool, and a vacation package for your family. Yup, all this in the same store. But wait, it gets weirder. Costco also sells 600-bottle wine cellars, inflatable boats, custom garages, outdoor gazebos, and toilets with heated seats (via Dolly). Nice.

Perhaps the weirdest Costco item of all, however, is the coffin. We'll say it again: Costco sells coffins, and at a bargain. Needless to say, Redditors had a lot to say about this particular product. 

Redditors can't get enough of Costco's budget-friendly coffins

One Costco shopper posted to Reddit a helpful comment about the warehouse store selling coffins at "affordable prices" and with quick delivery. The post racked up more than 200 comments rather quickly.

Some comments noted that funeral homes won't store the coffins, so if you buy a Costco coffin, you'll have to store it yourself. One Redditor said they bought a coffin from a funeral home, and even though it was "95% identical" to the one at Costco, it was three times the price. Keep in mind that Costco is selling coffins for around $1,500 each, and that's at the higher end of the spectrum.

Other Redditors made jokes. One wrote, "A deal to die for!" Meanwhile, another said, "Seems pretty comfy to sleep in too, no sense waiting until you're dead to try it out." Yet another person commented, "Bought two for my wife and I. It was cheaper than a bed so we just go to sleep in them every day. Figured we would go ahead and break them in." Others just wanted to be buried in a Kirkland coffee can.