Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza Has Been Transformed Into A Musical

Dolly Parton's no stranger when it comes to food collaborations. As noted by NPR, the country music star and actress recently teamed up with Duncan Hines to release a signature line of cake mixes and frostings that draw on Parton's Southern heritage. Given the star's affinity for cooking, it just makes sense that, sooner or later, a restaurant chain would tap the celebrity for a teamup.

It's also no secret that Parton loves Taco Bell. According to Today, she loves ordering the Taco Supreme and constantly ordered the Mexican Pizza back in the day. It seems only fitting that the singer would one day find a way to promote the chain and its food in the most fitting way possible. In a recent tweet, Taco Bell announced its latest large-scale production: a musical based on its Mexican Pizza that appears to be scheduled to premiere on TikTok. The event, which digitally airs between 8 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. ET on May 26 looks to go all out — and has pulled out all the stops when it comes to tapping its talent.

Dolly Parton's next big project

Taco Bell couldn't ask for a better star to tap for the musical production than Parton. According to Insider, the star signed a petition created by fans to bring back Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza in addition to voicing her overwhelming support over the menu offering. Parton additionally confirmed her participation in the project in a recent Instagram post featuring the cover page of what appears to be the musical's script.

The inside look also revealed that Emily Bear, Abigail Barlow, and Hannah Friedman wrote the show, and the entire production centers around "the true story of the Internet losing its mind." In addition to tapping Parton, the writers of the musical have won a Grammy for their "Bridgerton" musical, per Emily Bear's website. With this much talent on hand, the Tex-Mex fast food chain has positioned themself in a great spot to put on a crowd-pleasing piece of TikTok art. 

As if this wasn't enough, Taco Bell officially revealed the return of the namesake menu item. Food & Wine reports that the Tex-Mex chain intends to bring back the Mexican Pizza on May 19, while loyalty members can taste it again early on May 17. The chain credits the Change.com petition, which Parton signed, as a major force that brought back the product, and fans can soon celebrate in style by enjoying their very own Mexican Pizza while watching a musical based on the food.