Aldi Just Dropped A New Gluten-Free Pasta And Shoppers Can't Get Enough

These days, there seems to be a bit of ongoing debate about gluten. While the naturally occurring protein, which is found in wheat and grains like barley and rye, is not necessarily unhealthy, it can be hard for some people to tolerate. Individuals with celiac disease or other gluten intolerances can find it difficult to digest the protein, which means they likely need to cut gluten out of their diets in order to find relief from their symptoms, as explained by Hopkins Medicine.

However, many people without a diagnosed sensitivity or intolerance still seem to find that they feel better when they cut gluten out of their diets. In fact, of the 3.1 million Americans who currently identify as gluten-free, a significant 72 percent of them are "classified as 'PWAGs' or people without celiac disease avoiding gluten," according to Statista. Whether it is for medical reasons or not, the popularity of gluten-free diets is on the rise, and along with it, so is the demand for gluten-free food products. While they might not want gluten, plenty of people still want to be able to enjoy tasty meals and snacks. Luckily, Aldi recently dropped just the thing for people to still be able to savor their favorite comfort food, sans gluten.

Aldi fans are raving about these new gluten-free options

The popular grocery store chain Aldi has just released a new line of affordable gluten-free pastas. The new Live G Free products include nine-ounce packages of gluten-free linguine and fettuccine for just $3.89 and boxes of gluten-free lasagna roll-ups and stuffed shells, which are selling for just $5.99 apiece (via Instagram). In addition to being gluten-free, these items are also quick and easy to prepare, with the pasta noodles taking just two to three minutes to cook, while the roll-ups and shells simply have to be heated and served.

Many Ald shoppers were excited to see the store was expanding its gluten-free pasta options. Instagram user @aldifavoritefinds even made a post alerting their followers to the new items, asking, "I have been [gluten-free] for months now but I haven't tried these yet. Have you tried these?" 

Many of their followers were quick to respond with positive reviews. "Bought the fettucini yesterday. Absolutely delicious!" one user raved, while another agreed, saying, "Absolute DELICIOUSNESS, my favorite GF pasta option!!!" 

"Love them buy them whenever I can find them," a third chimed in. So, based on these social media responses, gluten-free pasta lovers might have found just one more thing to love about shopping at Aldi.