All Of The Tricks Reddit Has For Making Dunkin' Coffee Less Bitter

Dunkin', formerly known as Dunkin' Donuts, is one of the most popular fast food chains in the country. The popular coffee and breakfast brand, which was founded in 1950, was franchised just five years later and has grown continuously ever since (via Dunkin' Donuts). In fact, it ranks as the fifth most popular dining brand in the United States (via YouGov America), serving over three million customers every day at its 11,300-plus locations worldwide, according to the chain's website. But while it is certainly popular, some of those loyal customers have begun to feel a little dissatisfied with the quality of the drinks they have been receiving at their local Dunkin' locations recently.

One unhappy Dunkin' customer recently took to the social media site Reddit to complain that their regular coffee order no longer tasted as good as it once had. "It's been off lately.." Reddit user u/HailTheGoths posted to the DunkinDonuts subreddit, explaining, "Not sure why but every cup of iced coffee I've gotten lately is bitter. I hardly even enjoy going to Dunkin' anymore." And based on the responses to this post, they were far from alone in their experience.

Employees might not be stirring the coffee properly

Some fellow Dunkin' fans were quick to commiserate on Reddit, saying they had encountered the same problem at their local shops. "Hey! Mine has been the same way! For at least 3 weeks now. No matter what I order, how I modify it, or even time of just sucks," replied one user. Others offered helpful explanations for what could be behind the unusually bitter coffee, seeming to land on the consensus that workers not stirring the coffee enough could be the main culprit. 

"After observing I found out my case was from someone not stirring," a Dunkin' employee explained. "Maybe they aren't stirring it after it's finished brewing or not adding enough ice," agreed another user, adding, "It could be multiple reasons due to employee errors."

While the problem could be workers not adding the right amount of ingredients or simply making the drink wrong, others suggested the type of coffee blends each store receives could differ by location. "Different Dunkins have different blends of coffee based on location popularity, bigger locations usually order the more expensive stuff which tastes better," wrote one user. The best solution for that, as another user suggested, is to simply "try a different location." 

Although Dunkin might be a popular worldwide chain, that doesn't necessarily mean that all of its locations are created equally.