Cheerios Just Launched Two New Flavors And Fans Have Thoughts

When you think about iconic cereals, certain products definitely sound better than others. Some breakfast products like Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Resse's Puffs taste great and may conjure up nostalgic memories of watching Saturday morning cartoons, while others might feel disgusted by items like Shredded Wheat cereal or Kellogg's All-Bran (via Daily Hive). No one can argue that nothing divides shoppers like cereals, so it should come as no surprise that fans have mixed feelings when new takes on Cheerios hit the market.

According to a press release sent to Mashed, Cheerios now has two new flavors on the market: Honey Vanilla Cheerios and Banana Caramel Cheerios. The Honey Vanilla cereal comes with the base whole wheat O-shaped cereal and a new honey-vanilla flavoring, while the Banana Caramel Cheerios get made with real banana puree in addition to caramel flavors. Both products are hitting shelves for a limited time, but that hasn't stopped fans from sharing their takes on social media. Naturally, not everyone is happy with these new breakfast offerings.

What people really think about the new Cheerios flavors

Fans haven't come to a decisive conclusion over the new cereals quite yet. Over on Twitter, one user enjoyed the idea of combining banana and caramel flavors together but feels apprehensive about actually enjoying them as a cereal. Meanwhile, another user realized that banana-flavored Cheerios cereals have started to get darker and darker in color to mimic how bananas get darker as they ripen, including to the point of no return. They underscored this idea with a homemade graphic that traced Banana Nut, Banana Caramel, and the fictional "bananas you've kept in the freezer for three months under the pretense of maybe making banana bread" Cheerios. Under each box, they even labeled the cereals with elemental Pokémon types to drive home their point.

Meanwhile, other fans looked on and wondered if Cheerios plans to bring the product to the U.K., while another hoped for signature Brown Butter Cheerios. Others have actually gotten a chance to taste the creations. One couple on YouTube tried the Banana Caramel Cheerios and noted that the new item tasted just like regular Cheerios and that they could only detect a tiny bit of bananas. The items have shaken the faith of some shoppers, and it looks like these offerings might just stay limited items unless traction for them picks up and folks begin placing them higher in their Cheerios flavor rankings.