Reddit Can't Believe It Took Someone Years To Discover This Costco Favorite

Costco has long been known for offering a variety of bulk-sized products to its members at really low prices. Out of all the budget-friendly (and sometimes unusual) finds that shoppers are presented with during a trip to the big-box retailer, its hot dog and soda combo might be its most famous deal. A Costco food court staple since 1985, per Business Insider, the two-fer sells for just $1.50 (and always will, if CEO W. Craig Jelinek has anything to say about it), making it one of, if not the, cheapest meals in town. However, as most members could likely tell you, there's another incredible dinner deal awaiting those that are able to make it past the grocer's notoriously cheap in-house eatery. Typically found in the back of the warehouse, the chain offers succulent, whole rotisserie chickens for $4.99.

Similar to the hot dog combo, Gael F. Cooper of Money Talks News says "it's a no-brainer to pick up a fresh, hot rotisserie chicken on every Costco trip you make." But just because it's written on the internet doesn't mean that everybody does. Despite being a fabled part of Costco lore for years, one longtime member recently admitted on Reddit that they had spent close to a decade shopping at the big-box retailer without picking up one of its famous birds, leaving many of their fellow Costco fanatics shocked and appalled.

Costco shoppers had a lot to say to this rotisserie chicken newbie

According to NPR, Costco sells an average of at least 60 million rotisserie chickens every year, but up until recently, longtime Costco cardholder and Reddit user u/BigHug420 hadn't been a contributor to that stat. "Been a member for 7 years but today was my first day getting one of the rotisserie chickens," the Redditor confessed in a post last month that has generated quite a response from their fellow Costco shoppers, many of whom had thoughts about the rotisserie chicken newbie. 

"If this is your first rotisserie, were you ever TRULY a Costco member those previous years? It's like saying you've never had a costco hot dog or pizza.....sacrilege," u/sokali4nia wrote. "Were you vegan this whole time?" another Redditor asked, while a third teased that the title of the Redditor's biography should be "My Life, Wasted."

Fortunately, not everyone was quite as harsh. Some, like u/Ordinary-Try1054, offered their favorite hacks for getting the most out of Costco's prized poultry. "Chicken pot pie, chicken noodle soup, chicken enchiladas...the possibilities are endless with the leftovers!" they shared. Other suggestions thrown out on the thread included chicken fajitas, white chicken chili, and buffalo chicken dip.

Amidst all the roasting, tips, and tricks, u/PandaForceOne posed a question that we're sure was on a few peoples' minds. "What is the verdict?" the Redditor asked, to which u/BigHug420 responded, "Pretty solid. I'll be a repeat buyer from here on out." Welcome to the dark (meat) side, friend, where there are always more ways to make the most of Costco's really low prices.