Kids Of All Ages Wish They Could Play With This Pint-Sized Aldi Buy

Groceries stores generally aren't the most exciting places for toddlers and small children to hang out. While adults may get excited over scoring great deals on hummus and milk, most kids probably would be happier spending their time running around and playing. But now, the discount chain store Aldi is finding a way to make its store fun for everyone, no matter how old they are. While Reddit is accusing Aldi of "shrinking" food sizes, some items in the store are designed to be small: The grocery has just released a brand new mini food market playset, made to look exactly like a real Aldi cashier stand.

The Aldi food market features a cash register with a real working calculator and 44 additional pieces, including plastic fruits and veggies, little juice boxes, pretend dollar bills and coins, and a little "now open" sign for when the pint-sized register is in business, according to the Aldi Reviewer. The whole set is currently priced at $39.99. And while the toy might have been designed with little kids in mind, it has been catching the eye of kids of all ages.

Aldi's toy food market looks just like a real Aldi checkout

The interactive toy from Aldi looks like so much fun that some adults couldn't help but wish they had one of their own to play with. "I'm telling you ... I WANT THIS. Need to borrow some kids haha," @mantis_ala_mode wrote on an Instagram post shared by @aldifavoritefinds. "I wanted the grocery play set but it looks really short!" another user joked. The original poster noted that the store has also released a new "Pretend and Play Grocery Store set that includes play money and coupons," which would make the perfect add-on item to supplement the food market for a family of Aldi fans.

Another Aldi superfan, @theamazingaldi, also made a social media post alerting their followers to the new find. Many were equally delighted by the toy, calling it "darling" and "adorable." "My 2 1/2 year old pulled up his little chair and said 'my work.' He loves it! Especially the working calculator!" one user replied. This food set seems to be quite the hit with young Aldi shoppers, but based on these enthusiastic replies from Aldi fans it certainly seems you're never too old to play pretend.