Why Anna Wintour's Preferred Lunch Order Has People In A Tizzy

This order is as precise as it gets: $77.33 for a steak and a Caprese salad without the tomatoes, per Grub Street. And while the meal seems rather spartan for that sum of money, that is what biographer Amy Odell claims Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour has eaten for lunch since the magazine's publisher Conde Nast set up its offices at One World Trade Center. If so, that's a long time, as the move from Times Square to One WTC happened in 2011, per Bloomberg.

The meal is said to come from The Palm in TriBeCa, which is about a five-minute walk away from Vogue's offices. Oddell told Grub Street that: "The lunch would have been picked up typically by the second assistant." But while many of us might expect plastic packaging pr something paper-based for delivered food, Wintour's meal came with a restaurant plate. After the food was consumed, the restaurant got the plate back and had to wash it.

News of Wintour's mid-day meal turned heads and generated headlines. Responding to the Grubstreet piece, commenter mjhnyc insisted, "Anna Wintour would never, ever order filet mignon." After another commenter suggested the meal "makes total sense" for getting full without getting sleepy, reader humbug0305 partly lived up to the "humbug" part of their name: "It also makes sense if you are intent on eating some of the most climate damaging foods possible." And as The Takeout noted, multiple outlets framed Wintour's lunch preference as odd.

Anna Wintour appears to be vegetable-averse

It's not like The Palm doesn't serve anything else. A quick look at the restaurant's lunch menu shows a wide array of lunch options, such as bison and wagyu burgers and lamb rib chops – if Wintour was really into red meat, that is. There are also plenty of non-Caprese salads and soups. Grub Street writer Emilia Petrarca reckoned, correctly it seems after reviewing the bill, that Wintour has the filet mignon. And while the daily lack of vegetables might leave many of us gasping for greens, Grub Street says it merely reinforces Wintour's aversion to vegetables – she is said to have told her landscape designer not to plant a vegetable garden because she didn't like them. Commenters had thoughts on this as well. "Why am I not surprised that Anna Wintour doesn't like vegetables?" bartelby wondered. Another person likened her to "a picky 5 year old" who refuses veggies.

But we can only wonder how long this can go on. Bloomberg noted at the beginning of January that Conde Nast was considering moving its office to a cheaper site on the New Jersey waterfront, effectively ending what would have been a 25-year lease. If that happens, Wintour may have to spend a bit more time and money to get lunch sent over from The Palm, or give her up branded steak and tomato-less Caprese salad altogether for something a bit closer to her new home base.