How To Get Free Delivery From Wendy's On National Hamburger Day

The hamburger may be one of the nation's most popular foods, with close to 50 billion burgers eaten in the U.S. each year (according to Yahoo Life), but it seems that no one can quite agree on its origin story. Most people believe the sandwich originated in Hamburg, Germany, where it was invented by a man named Otto Krause in 1881. However, others point to the story of Louis Lassen, a Dutch immigrant who is credited with bringing the burger to America in 1900. According to America's Library, Lassen who operated a restaurant called "Louis' Lunch" in New Haven, Connecticut, was inspired to place the grilled meat between two buns when a businessman who was strapped for time requested a fast lunch he could take on the go. And it appears that fast food burgers didn't start to take off until 1904, when the process of selling the meat on buns from a stand or wagon was introduced to the world during the St. Louis World's Fair, according to History.

Regardless of how it all began, Americans today love their burgers; in fact, people love the hamburger so much that there is even a national day set aside to honor the popular meal (via Days Of The Year). National Hamburger Day is celebrated annually on May 28, and this year, the popular burger chain Wendy's is adding a little extra special treat for their fans who want to celebrate the occasion from the comfort of their own homes.

Customers can receive free delivery when they order through the Wendy's app

Wendy's is giving their customers the chance to score free delivery on all orders placed through the Wendy's App, in a nod to those wishing to celebrate National Hamburger Day. But rather than stopping the celebration at just one day, the chain is giving fans almost two weeks to enjoy this free delivery perk, which is valid from May 23 through June 5, according to QSR Magazine. Wendy's fans can also pair this promo with some of the chain's other ongoing discounts and deals, like $2 off a premium combo meal or a $3 discount on any order totaling $15 or more when ordered through the app, via Wendys.

And if you happen to feel that just one day of burger celebration is not enough, you are not alone. There are plenty of other days to commemorate the country's most popular food. September 18 is National Cheeseburger Day, while National Sandwich Day falls on November 3. Double Cheeseburgers even get their very own day of recognition with National Double Cheeseburger Day on September 15, according to National Day Archives. But whether Wendy's will release another promo in honor of these occasions remains to be seen.