White Claw's Newest Offering Is A Twist On A Summertime Favorite

In 2022, hard seltzer may have lost some of its novelty, but it certainly doesn't seem to have lost any of its popularity. If anything, its appeal has only increased since the first bubbly, alcoholic beverage to really take off was released by SpikedSeltzer in 2013. As of 2019, the global hard seltzer market is worth a whopping $4.4 billion and is only expected to grow, reaching an anticipated $14.5 billion value by 2027, according to Toptal.

And at the top of that hard seltzer market sits White Claw, the current king of flavored, fizzy booze. In 2021, White Claw claimed 58.60% of the total market share, according to Best Life. And this year, the popular beverage brand is seeking to increase its appeal to consumers by adding yet another refreshing drink to its summer lineup. White Claw has just announced it will be kicking off the summer season in 2022 with the release of its brand new White Claw REFRSHR line (via Chew Boom).

White Claw REFRSHRs add a boozy twist to lemonade

The new White Claw REFRSHR offers an adult twist on a classic summertime beverage with "four distinct lemonade flavors" that are "crafted to deliver amazing flavor and incredible sessionability," the company said in a press release (via PR Newswire). In fact, White Claw's official website defines the drinks as "lemonade reinvented." These are definitely not your grandmother's lemonades. The new flavors include Lemonade Limón with a hint of Calamansi, an Asian citrus fruit that combines with the limón to deliver a tart, refreshing flavor, and Lemonade Blood Orange with a hint of Black Raspberry, which brings a sweet and citrusy new blend to classic lemonade.

Berry fans might be intrigued by the Lemonade Strawberry with a hint of Kiwi, which adds a touch of tartness to the sweet, fruity flavors of fresh strawberries. Meanwhile, Lemonade Blackberry with a hint of Red Cherry completes the new White Claw REFRSHR line-up with a sweet and tasty blend of some of summer's best fruits. Like the rest of White Claw's hard seltzers, the White Claw REFRSHR contains just one hundred calories and 5 percent alcohol by volume per can. What everyone gets wrong about hard seltzer certainly isn't that they aren't delicious. These drinks will begin retailing this summer, and we think we can all cheers for that!