The One Thing Fast-Food Employees Wish Customers Would Stop Doing

Whether you are at the airport at midnight, or on a cross-country road trip in an unfamiliar state, fast food is never too far away. Unlike many other restaurants, fast food joints are often open twenty four hours a day and there are also top-notch regional fast food chains in every state. To top that off, there is a fast food joint out there for every occasion, whether you are craving pizza and tacos or burgers and milkshakes (or all of the above). Most people have enjoyed a fast food meal at some time in their lives, and are likely to do so again — here are the fast food items you need to eat before you die

Comforting, cheap, and convenient, there are so many things to love about fast food. That said, many of the things that make these restaurants so beneficial for customers are the same things that make working at these restaurants so disadvantageous for employees. From the bad hours to cleaning the bathrooms to multi-tasking during rush hour, working at a fast food joint is anything but easy. But of all the drawbacks, one of the worst things that employees have to deal with is annoying customers. Insider interviewed former fast food employees to discover what the most frustrating customer behaviors really were and let's just say, the answer might surprise you.

Indecisive orderers are extremely irksome for fast food employees

Even if you haven't worked at a restaurant or fast food chain, you have probably still witnessed a customer disrespecting an employee in some form. As unpleasant and stressful as the encounter may have seemed, fast food employees have to put up with that type of behavior all day long. On one Reddit thread, previous fast food workers shared some of their worst horror stories, some of which involved getting doused with large cups of soda by angry customers.

From using the bathrooms without buying anything to stealing soda from the machines, there are many irksome acts that fast food employees just can't stand. But surprisingly, one of the things that irritates fast food employees the most is indecisive customers, as noted by Insider. "Customers who don't decide on what they want before it's their turn and hold up others behind them can be annoying for cashiers," shared Rodney Aeria, a former cashier at a fast food giant. Aeria went on to say that this is not just frustrating for the staff but also for those in the back of the line.

McDonald's went so far as to even make this cause of frustration the subject of a Super Bowl ad in 2022. Tip for future fast food customers? Use your time in line to solidify what you want to order — you will be making everyone's lives a lot easier!