How One Redditor Found Out The Hard Way That This Appliance Can Explode

No matter how careful you are in the kitchen, accidents can still happen. Maybe you're in a rush and you forget to put water in your mac and cheese cup, causing your microwave to catch on fire. Maybe you make the dangerous mistake of letting your kitchen knife get too dull, leading to the knife slipping out of your grip. Maybe you don't notice your oven rack melting until your dinner is engulfed in flames. It happens.

Regardless of what kitchen accidents you face, you're not alone. Many others have also experienced burns from splattering oil, melted cooking utensils, and smoothie messes from improperly capped blenders. In fact, the kitchen is arguably the most dangerous part of your house. According to a 2020 poll conducted by the National Accident Helpline, 60% of respondents had experienced a kitchen accident within the last year. For one Redditor, that kitchen accident was an exploding appliance. 

An unwatched coffee pot might explode

One person shared their own kitchen accident with Reddit, titling the post, "Today I learned that a coffee pot can explode." While several other Redditors fretted over the potential dangers of their own kitchen appliances trying to kill them, most responses to the post had to do with anything but the coffee pot explosion.

Many people joked about the state of the kitchen. One said, "Looks like it wasn't the first time," to which another person responded, "Looks like it's happened about 40 times in every possible direction." Still others described the kitchen as "shabby chic" and "fallout post-apocalyptic." Another Redditor commented that the coffee splatters "give the room a nice black mold aesthetic."

The original poster eventually explained that their grandpa had been the one to blow up the coffee pot. They wrote, "It's a Moka pot and my best guess is that he clogged the opening with coffee and the pressure built up." Thankfully, he was unharmed.