How Sushi Inspired The New Harry Styles Single

Harry Styles first teased his newest album back in March. In addition to releasing a "snippet of instrumental music," says Rolling Stone, Styles also launched a website and various social media accounts to promote the album.

The album, "Harry's House," was released on May 20. Some of the more interesting track names include "Grape Juice," "Little Freak," and "Music For a Sushi Restaurant." You might be wondering, what on earth does sushi restaurant music sound like, and how did Styles stumble across inspiration so specific? Does he just spend a lot of time at sushi restaurants? Does the song explain the difference between sushi and sashimi?

Despite not even being out a full day, the YouTube music video for "Music For a Sushi Restaurant" already has more than 1.4 million views and over 12,000 comments. We're sure that number is climbing as you read this. 

One fan wrote, "The name got me really curious and it turns out this is literally the best song ever made." Another fan said, "If I ever go to a sushi restaurant, I wanna hear this song no matter what!" 

The story behind Harry Styles' sushi song

As you might guess, Harry Styles certainly took inspiration for the song from dining in a sushi restaurant. According to HITC, the singer was having lunch with his producer when one of his older songs came on. He noted that it was "really strange music" for a sushi restaurant, which got him wondering what music for a sushi restaurant would sound like.

Some of the lyrics pay homage to the sushi restaurant, with references to fried rice, cooking eggs, and a prompt for green tea. Green tea is served at many sushi restaurants, as it pairs well with sushi and has the added bonus of being one of the best teas to drink for your health. Kudos to Styles for adding it to this song.

Fans on Twitter called Styles a "talented genius," "very creative," and "a legend." One person wrote, "His own song gave him the inspiration to write the best song in history." Another commented, "Now he can listen to his own song that hopefully fits with the vibe of the sushi restaurant." Is anyone wondering what public place is going to get a Hary Styles song next? Perhaps a song about a bowling alley would be fun.