Pillsbury's Returning Cookie Dough Offerings Are Fun For Kids Of All Ages

Summer is just around the corner, and in a few short weeks, students will be hearing the school bell ring for the last time until next fall. According to World Population Review, the average summer break in the United States is 12 weeks long, meaning that parents are tasked with filling all that time with activities for their children to partake in during the warmest months of the year. Swimming, biking, and going to the park are just a few of the many possibilities for how kids and parents alike can get outside to enjoy the beautiful weather that comes along with the season, and on the occasions when a summer storm forces everybody to stay inside, baking up some yummy cookies is one activity that can help pass the time until the sun returns.

Whipping up cookie dough from scratch can be a fun family activity that even doubles as a science lesson thanks to all of the chemical reactions that Delighted Cooking says occur during the baking process. However, for those looking to go the mess-free route, keeping a few packages of ready-to-bake cookie dough on hand can do the trick just as well. Pillsbury is one of the best store-bought cookie dough options you can find at your local grocery store, and now, just in time for summer vacation, the brand has brought back two of its fan-favorite take-and-bake treats that sound like they'll be fun for kids of all ages.

Pillsbury's returning ready-to-bake cookie doughs are safe to eat raw, too

Whether it's rain that's keeping everybody inside or it's simply just too hot to spend more than five minutes away from your AC, baking up Pillsbury's returning Dino Shaped Cookie Dough sounds like a scrumptious summer vacay activity. Priced at around $3.00 per box, Chew Boom reports that this ready-to-bake treat comes with 10 sugar cookies pre-cut into the shapes of dinosaurs, and seem perfect for decorating with colorful icing once they've cooled down after coming out of the oven. Additionally, the brand has also re-released its highly-popular Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cookie Dough, which puts a breakfast-themed twist on Pillsbury's classic sugar dough by infusing it with the same "cinnadust" that coats each piece of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal.

While both doughs sound like fun and delicious snacks to whip up, cranking up the oven when the temperature outside is nearing the triple digits may not exactly sound ideal. To help combat the additional heat that comes from making sweet treats during the summer, Bake or Break suggests doing your baking either in the morning or evening hours of the day when it's a bit cooler outside. However, according to Chew Boom, both pre-made doughs are also safe to eat raw. Therefore, on summer days when just the thought of turning on the oven at any hour makes you sweat, Pillsbury's returning cookie doughs can still be enjoyed straight from the fridge.