Just Egg's Latest Ad Campaign Features Some Unexpected Stars

You may be familiar with JUST Egg, the plant-based egg replacement that launched in retail stores in 2019 (via VegNews). The product claims to use 98% less water and emit 93% less carbon dioxide than "conventional" eggs and has become a popular choice not only among those with plant-based diets but those who consume meat and other animal byproducts as well (via Vegconomist). In fact, JUST Egg has gotten so big that it has sold the equivalent of 250 million chicken eggs in the three years since its commercial launch, according to a statement from the company provided to Mashed.

While JUST Egg is clearly well-loved among consumers, the brand recently released a new ad campaign with a star-studded lineup. In a series of new commercials, the campaign pokes fun at the stereotypical extravagant wellness lifestyle of celebrities: the personal trainers, the dieticians, the nutritionists — you know the deal. While pointing out some of the differences between A-listers and the rest of the world, the ad reminds viewers that there is one similarity: anyone can have cholesterol-free "eggs" just like the stars. Of course, the campaign wouldn't have as much of an impact without the appearance of real-life superstars, so just who is a part of the commercial?

Serena Williams and Jake Gyllenhaal partnered with JUST Egg

JUST Egg's latest commercials feature none other than actor Jake Gyllenhaal and tennis star Serena Williams. While both are big names, they're not completely random choices: Gyllenhaal and Williams are both investors in the company (via BusinessWire). Actor J.B. Smoove also gets in on the action reprising his previous role as the ad's narrator. "Y'all think the GOAT eats regular-degular eggs? Nope!" Smoove narrates playfully in Williams' ad.

"Who can turn down being narrated by J.B. Smoove?" Gyllenhaal joked, adding that he's been incorporating more plant-based options into his diet and loves the product, according to the press release from BusinessWire. Williams shared a similar sentiment when commenting on the partnership saying "JUST Egg is making a real difference, and I'm proud to partner with them and be a shareholder in the company."

In major markets like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, the ads will be broadcast on TV. Nationally, the commercials will appear on connected TV platforms and on social media.