Why Mayo Mousse Is A Condiment Game-Changer

Mayo Mousse? Leave it to Heinz to come up with a unique way to enjoy a favorite condiment. This product, however, is only available to the folks of one country, according to the Food Network, and this innovation has been called a "game-changer" for condiments.

Heinz first stepped into the condiment ring in 1867 with bottled Horseradish. Over the next 100 or so years, the brand engineered hundreds of different sauces and dips. Of all their products, none rose to fame like Heinz Ketchup. Around 50% of all ketchup consumed in America belongs to the Heinz family.

The company has never been bashful when it comes to flavor combinations and out-of-the-box condiments, from Mayochup to EZ Squirt Ketchup,  and most of the time, Heinz condiments sit on store shelves in jars and bottles. But the company's latest innovation arrives in a different kind of vessel that you're probably used to seeing in the refrigerator section.

Heinz takes a classic condiment to the next level

Heinz's Mayo Mousse is changing the way the Dutch eat their burgers and fries, according to the Food Network. Mayo Mousse takes regular mayonnaise to the next level by adding more air to the creamy condiment, giving it a fluffier texture. It dispenses from a Reddi Whip-like can in a whipped-cream-like spiral, making it perfect for squirting on your burger or piling on your plate as a dip for fries or chips.

Instagram account @CravingsinAmsterdam posted a video of the product on April 26, and the 16,400 comments are a cross between drooling emojis and throw-up emojis. While many commenters typed "yum," it seems the Mayo Mousse isn't a hit among everyone. While some people found the product innovative and delicious, others were more skeptical. "I'm sickened to my core," said one commenter, and another shared "my absolute worst nightmare! I'm not even sure I can eat normal Mayo again now."

If Mayo Mousse sounds like a revolutionary way to dispense a condiment, piquing your interest to give it a whirl, you'll have to book a flight to Amsterdam. It's currently only available to shoppers in the Netherlands. And if you're wondering, here's how mayonnaise is really made.