Why The UK May Be Facing A Summer Beer Shortage

Pub-goers might need to find a cider to enjoy this summer, as the U.K. potentially faces a beer shortage in the near future. This forecast comes before a summer filled with celebrations for the nation — including the Wimbledon and Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee happening in June (via Lad Bible). Both of these events in particular are celebrated with great food and drink, with beverages such as the Pimm's Cup gin cocktail being served to celebrate the tennis tournament (via Play Your Court).

However, in general, the hotter temperatures tend to bring in a lot more drinking in the U.K. According to Opinium, three out of ten adults surveyed stated that they drank more in warmer weather. But while lovers of the Aperol spritz can sip their cocktail in peace, beer fans might need to find another drink to enjoy due to the possible beer scarcity. But high beer consumption is actually not the reason for the potential shortage — it's actually the lack of workers to manufacture the beverage.

The beer drought may be brought upon by factory walkouts

Union workers are going on strike to protest low wages, according to Lad Bible. These employees are part of the GMB Union, a large general trade union in the U.K. that represents workers from a variety of different sectors, including health and public services. However, these particular workers are employed at the main Budweiser factory in Samlesbury, which brews Budweiser, Stella Artois, Boddingtons, and Becks, among other beers. This is the first walkout that the factory has had in 50 years, according to the Daily Mail.

This strike has been alluded to for the past few weeks, as workers were not happy that their 3% increases in pay each year for 2022 and 2023 were actually worth negative value when the nation's 9% inflation rate was considered, according to News Channel 3. As a result, this summer there might be a "beer drought" which may cause some issues with the impending celebrations this summer.