The Absurd Reason A Hooters Employee Could Allegedly Get Fired

When you think of Hooters, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the chain's employees. Well, more specifically, the employees' uniforms: t-shirts with plunging necklines and shorts that don't leave much to the imagination. The shorts have actually gotten shorter over the years, perhaps one of the biggest problems some Hooters employees have with their uniform.

Needless to say, Hooters has a reputation to uphold and expectations to fulfill. In fact, if you want to know what working at Hooters is really like, knowing that employees are hired as "entertainers," not servers, probably tells you a lot.

In an "Ask Me Anything" thread on Reddit, several people asked if having larger breasts was a hiring requirement. While a Hooters manager denied this, they also qualified it by saying, "If a girl is hot, she is hot and will be hired." So, there you have it. Oh, wait, there's more to being an employee at Hooters. 

Hooters employees aren't allowed to gain weight?

Let's be real: Everyone's weight fluctuates. Even over the course of a single day, your body weight can fluctuate up to five pounds, per Healthline. It's perfectly normal. However, for a Hooters employee, even just five pounds can spell trouble.

According to Eat This, Not That!, Hooters employees have allegedly been fired over weight gain of any amount. Employees are routinely weighed and photographed, and if they gain any weight, they have to lose it within 30 days in order to keep their job.

In fact, Hooters is so strict about its employees' appearance that it even monitors what they eat. One Hooters manager told Cracked that, while on the clock, employees can only order from a "spa menu" with items like chicken breast and fish. They are not allowed to order Hooters' famous wings or even a serving of fries. With all these ridiculous rules for employees, it's really no wonder that Hooters is disappearing all across the country