H-E-B Sushi: What To Know Before You Buy

Picture this: You're doing your weekly grocery shopping on a Sunday afternoon, getting together all your fresh produce, snacks, and wine to stock up your kitchen before the week ahead of you. You're finishing up your shopping when you realize you can't make it home without satisfying your hunger. People always say not to go grocery shopping when you're hungry, but you couldn't avoid it. But then you spot it: freshly made sushi staring you right in the face. You wonder if it's smart to order sushi at a grocery store, but it just looks so satisfying.

Lucky for you, you're shopping at H-E-B Supermarket, a grocery store chain located in Texas and Mexico that is committed to sustainability and giving back to its communities. Sushiya at H-E-B serves affordable sashimi-grade seafood sustainably sourced and made fresh every day. You decide to treat yourself to one (or two) of its 50-plus choices of sushi and appetizers after such a long day of shopping. 

Let's admit it: We all love grocery store sushi every now and then. But at H-E-B you don't have to worry about if it's fresh or if the seafood is safe. After all, H-E-B serves the best of the best to its customers, and that includes its sushi.

Different varieties of sushi H-E-B offers

According to H-E-B's website, the chain serves over 50 sushi options in its sushi house and also offers customization if you don't see something you like. From appetizers to bowls to full sushi rolls, there is something there for everyone to choose from. They have both cooked and raw options, as well as vegetarian options and chicken options.

Some of its trending products include the H‑E‑B Sushiya San Antonio Roll for $14.41. This is a delicious 10-piece sushi roll with white or brown rice, imitation crab, avocado, and special sushi sauce. The chain also offers platters like the popular H‑E‑B Sushiya Tokyo Combo. This 14-piece option for $14.41 includes six pieces of Tuna Roll, five pieces of Rainbow Roll, and three pieces of Assorted Nigiri. They also have Poke Bowls prepared with chunks of fresh seafood, white rice, vegetables, and original poke sauce. This is an option that can be customizable if you prefer some ingredients over others.

How much does it cost?

Prices for H-E-B's sushi and other products range from $4.00 to $31.00, per the store's website. The cheapest item is its vegetable spring rolls, which cost $4.11. On the other hand, the most expensive product is a party tray with 35 pieces of sushi. Meanwhile, most sushi rolls with 10 pieces vary between $5.00 to $11.00. The poke bowls range from $10.29 to $11.32 depending on the protein you want to add. And sushi platters that come with around 15 pieces are about $14.00.

This is all to say the sushi is very affordable. And getting it while you're doing your shopping for the week makes it all that better. It's always so hard to do all your grocery shopping and then go home and have to make your dinner. At H-E-B, you can grab your dinner for the night at Sushiya and not have to worry about cooking up something after your long day.

Does it taste good?

We know what you may be wondering now: H-E-B has all of these options for fresh sushi, but does it actually taste good? It's grocery store sushi, after all. But H-E-B has worked hard to make sure it's safe and tasty for all of its customers, making its products stand out from other grocery chains.

According to one Reddit thread, where one Redditor asked if H-E-B sushi lives up to the hype, most everyone agreed that it's good sushi. One Redditor answered, "It is better than most grocery store sushi," while another agreed, saying, "Love it and ran to H-E-B not even an hour ago because I was craving sushi for dinner."

 Another Redditor claimed, "I don't like sushi, but have worked at 3 different H-E-Bs and everyone loved the sushi." A lot of people wrote that they are fans of the potstickers and the nigiri, as well as the San Antonio roll. While it may not be the best sushi in the U.S., it will curb any cravings and be delicious, and that's all that matters, right?

Nutritional information for H-E-B sushi

H-E-B provides all ingredients and nutritional information about its sushi on its website. Most of its sushi rolls are around 400 to 600 calories depending on the roll, with around 15 to 35 grams of total fat. The poke bowls range from 500 to 600 calories depending on the protein and toppings you choose.

And, of course, there is always a warning when it comes to eating raw fish, which H-E-B includes on its website. But since its seafood is sashimi-grade, meaning the seller marked it safe to eat raw, you don't have to stress about getting sick from eating seafood with unknown origins (via Serious Eats).

It's also important to remember that just like any sushi, raw fish won't last forever in your fridge. So, try to have that delicious sushi shortly after buying it so it has the best flavors and taste. However, if you decide to buy some of H-E-B's cooked options, you can rest easier knowing that they should stay good for longer. So, feel free to keep those vegetable spring rolls a little longer — or the chicken potstickers for dinner the next night.

What else is there to know?

You may just know all that there is to know about H-E-B's sushi. You are fully equipped to step into H-E-B, do some grocery shopping, and grab some sushi for dinner (or lunch). H-E-B sushi is the sushi for you if you're looking for a quick grab and go. It also has Do-It-Yourself kits as well if you wanna take on the task of creating the roll yourself. More specifically, the store offers a Crab Roll Kit, Salmon and Tuna Kit, or a Shrimp Kit: the perfect activity for your family to do or a great date idea if you're looking for something new.

So, now that you are craving sushi like we are, go out and get your favorite sushi from H-E-B. Whether it's a classic sushi roll like a rainbow roll or something that's exclusive to H-E-B, like the Sushiya Rio Grande Roll (imitation crab, cream cheese, avocado, sushi sauce, spicy mayo, and — yes you're reading this correctly — spicy hot Cheetos topping), don't fret knowing that H-E-B Sushiya sushi is just as good as restaurant sushi — and more affordable at that! After all, all you need to know before ordering sushi is if it's gonna be good, right?