How Burger King's Whopper Helped One Couple Tie The Knot

It's a whopper of a love story. Who would have thought that love could be found at Burger King? For one couple, that's exactly where they met. The bride and groom, Emily Garland and Jamie Dunsmuir, bonded over their love for the fast food giant, even sporting iconic Burger King crowns in their wedding photographs (via Hull Live).

They both happened to be at different locations within hours of each other, and both stopped in to get some food after their separate nights out. Emily, an accountant, had come from a local nightclub, and Jamie, an electrician, came from a local piano bar. Like most people after a night of partying, they ended up on the hunt for fast food. In this case, the local Burger King at Guildford, a town in Surrey county in the U.K., in 2013. 

Their relationship formed over the last nine years, even celebrating their first anniversary at the Guildford Burger King. When they finally decided to tie the knot, they knew it wouldn't be complete without a gesture to the restaurant where their paths had originally crossed. "If it wasn't for the fast-food chain, our paths would never have crossed," Emily told WalesOnline.

While you might be thinking that Burger King is the last place you would think of involving in your wedding, you might be surprised to hear that Emily and Jamie aren't the only ones who have included the burger joint in their nuptials!

Other couples have bonded over Burger King, too

It seems fortuitous that a girl named Ashley King and a man named Joel Burger should just happen to be getting married, but that's exactly what happened in Jacksonville, Illinois, in 2015. Burger King itself was so inspired by this union that it decided to sponsor the entire wedding (via Us Magazine).  

Employees of the fast food chain happened to spot King and Burger wedding announcement in a local paper, and the plot was formed to reach out to the couple and sponsor their wedding. Not only did each guest receive the iconic crown but they also had mason jars with the company logo at the reception at each table and the groomsmen wore Burger King cufflinks and sported t-shirts with the logo which they revealed during the wedding photoshoot. 

According to Us Magazine, the couple received a note that simply read "Burger King wants to help give you a whopper of a wedding. In other words: It's on us. The wedding, that is..." (via Today). That's definitely a happy surprise that the couple will never forget, and while Burger King's Whopper was not created to be a matchmaking food, it's certainly done its job.