Why This Trader Joe's Salad Kit Was Just Recalled

Trader Joe's Lemony Arugula Basil Salad Kits seem designed to cater to people who or on the go or looking for a quick way to whip up a plant-centric meal. They require very little preparation and come ready with carrots, almonds, a lemony dressing, and of course, loads of arugula (via Trader Joe's website). 

People have raved about this particular product on Reddit. One user, @mrs_traderjoes posted a review of the salad kit, stating, "I love every component of this salad, especially the dressing. I wish they sold it separately because it would probably take the cake as my favorite dressing ever." They even said that this would be their "go-to salad until it's gone for the season!" And a few others described filling many of their summer days with the kit.

TJ's touts the item as " superlatively summer-y," and now that summer is right around the corner, this product is back. But there's unfortunate news for the fans who have purchased it recently or had plans to — they need to be careful because the FDA just publicized a recall.

There might be egg and gluten in the salad kit

On May 27, the FDA warned that Trader Joe's shoppers who bought a Lemony Arugula Basil Salad Kit should get rid of it if it has a use-by date of June 2 and comes in a 9.75-ounce bag. This is because Taylor Farms Retail of Guadalupe, California, declared that unlisted eggs and wheat could be present in this particular batch, which can be dangerous for those with sensitivities or allergies.

According to Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE), around 2% of children could have an egg allergy, and symptoms can manifest as hives or something much more serious, like anaphylaxis. Most afflicted kids will no longer have these issues by adulthood, but lifelong egg allergies are possible. And while the Spoonful App declares this item as safe for a gluten-free diet based on the listed ingredients. But the re-called kits could have wheat in them. So those with gluten intolerance or celiac disease should not ingest these particular salads.