A New Cap'n Crunch DC Comics Cereal Just Soared Into Stores

Though they may seem unrelated, superheroes and breakfast cereal do have one thing in common: Kids adore them. This is why popular sugary cereal brands like Fruity Pebbles and Honey Combs have been such longtime bedfellows with Superman and his world-saving contemporaries. 

Marvel may dominate the big screen, but DC Comics heroes have a particularly storied reign over the most important meal of the day, seen as far back as this 1980s commercial where the comic book company's animated roster promotes a villain-drawing contest on "specially marked" boxes of Alpha Bits, Super Sugar Crisp, Honey Combs, Cocoa Pebbles, and Fruity Pebbles. DC and General Mills revived their partnership in 2017 to bring fans collectible boxes designed with Justice League characters, and now it looks like they're back at it. This week, an Instagram post shared by @candyhunting revealed a couple of new Cap'n Crunch boxes that replace the nominal captain with three DC Comics mainstays. 

Strong Berry and Cinnamon Bolts save the day

If you're on the hunt for a box of Cap'n Crunch on your next trip to the cereal aisle, you may notice that the brand's mustachioed mascot has been replaced by retro-looking portraits of Superman, Superwoman, and The Flash. Not only have the DC characters taken over the exterior of the limited-edition boxes, but they've also switched up the look of the product inside. Per a photo shared by @candyhunting on Instagram this week, Superman and Superwoman are promoting triangle-shaped, strawberry-flavored Strong Berry (which one commenter thought should be called "Super Berry" instead). On the other box, The Flash is promoting lighting bolt-shaped Cinnamon Bolts. 

Some people seem to approve of the cereal's superhuman takeover. "I'm buying a ton of these!!" wrote one user. Others, however, had some critiques. "I feel like they missed an opportunity by not having The Flash associated with the berry flavors," reads one comment, echoed by a similar one that says, "I feel like they missed an opportunity for Berry Bolts," cleverly referring to The Flash's alias, Barry Allen. The Cinnamon Bolts taste more like maple syrup than cinnamon, according to an earnest customer review on YouTube, but they still have "great flavor."