Damarr Brown Reflects On His Top Chef Fan-Favorite Status

Each season, "Top Chef" fans can vote for their favorite competitor, who will then receive a $10,000 cash prize. According to Screen Rant, previous Fan Favorites have used the money for their restaurants or have donated it to charities of their choosing. Fans were able to vote at Bravo TV's voting webpage. This season's voting period, running from early May through early June, concluded with a final round between Damarr Brown and Evelyn Garcia. As a Top Chef Season 19 contestant, Damarr Brown brought Chicago favorites to the competition.

Brown is the head chef at Virtue, a Chicago restaurant and bar. According to Virtue's website, this chef is always searching for "new or forgotten flavors and techniques." Seeing as he made it to the final round of the Fan Favorite ballot, it's safe to say he's been a big hit with Top Chef fans, both in Chicago and all across the country. Even so, he remains humble. 

Top Chef's Damarr Brown reminds fans to be themselves

Despite making it nearly to the end of the "Top Chef" Season 19 competition, Damarr Brown hasn't let his growing popularity go to his head. In an interview with Parade, Brown described the process as "amazing" and "validation" of his hard work.

"Before I came on the show, a lot of people told me I needed to work on smiling more or talking more, or being someone I didn't feel like was me," the chef said. "To know that I went on national television and portrayed myself as myself and it resonated with so many people is a huge reminder to simply be yourself." Brown further explained that cooking is his preferred form of expression, "a way of sharing that I wouldn't really be able to vocalize" (via Women's Wear Daily).

Regardless of who wins the Fan Favorite prize this season, Brown certainly has a lot of support moving forward. We can't wait to see what he creates next!