Fast food breakfast burritos ranked worst to best

Look, I'm not going to mince words here: The breakfast burrito is my favorite thing ever. It's the most brilliant way to eat eggs, and throwing some pork product in there meshes so well with everything else going on, it's almost perfect every time. Almost. But not all breakfast burritos are created equal, and that's why I'm here — to eat mass quantities of food so you don't have to do eleventeen miles on the elliptical to figure out which is best. 

There are rules

Many restaurants have several varieties of burritos. To make it fair, we stuck with the big national brands — so your favorite regional quick service chain isn't playing this round. We also stuck to the type of meat from one animal — the swine. If a quick service joint only has a bacon version, we chose that. If they did both bacon and sausage, we did both. That also means that Chick-fil-A's beloved chicken burrito isn't in the running. In fact, Chick-fil-A has a a new recipe; how will it stack up against the competition?  Glad you asked... Here are my rankings, starting from the bottom.

15. Taco Bell Grande Scrambler

If the first thing you taste when you bite into a breakfast burrito is sour cream, you're off to a bad start. How have you sinned, Taco Bell? Let us count the ways... Too much sour cream. Potatoes aren't very good. Big chuncks of onion from the pico de gallo. The mix of flavors isn't great, and the sausage is kinda meh. Taco Bell made a bold move into breakfast and this is the signature burrito. More like an electronic signature with one of those shaky pens.

It just doesn't work — actually none of it works. Bleh.  

14. Hardee's loaded breakfast burrito

Look at that! It's enormous! Bacon, sausage, ham; basically, if it was in a pig, it's now in the tortilla. The bacon really plays well, and the egg is tasty, but my word this is a lot. It's over the top, like pretty much everything from Hardee's, served in one tortilla. If you need only one meal for the day, this is the thing to satiate you. This could use a little more dairy taste to balance the meat on meat, but when 75 percent of it is pig, that kinda goes without saying. As it is, it really needs a salsa. We tested all these sans salsa, but for this one I had to try a little with it; it helped to "cut" the meat taste — even the very helpful Hardee's drive thru team member insisted I take some salsa with it; he know's what's up. It's really not "that bad," but it's just so crazy big that it's obnoxious.  

13. Wawa bacon burrito

There are people in the United States that simply don't get the concept of Wawa. For the rest of us, there's a Wawa close by. Wawa is simple a gas station and sandwich shop — but man is their stuff good! Wawa carries quite a few varieties of burritos, but for the purpose of this challenge we only tried two. The bacon is a bit too smoky — or burnt. Overall it's not wonderful, but the salsa is what makes it. Wawa burritos are loaded with a great salsa that really carries the dish. Of the magical foods Wawa offers, the bacon burrito isn't a go to. If you've got a hankering for a bacon burrito, you can find better.  

12. Burger King Eggnormous Burrito

Yep, that's the name. It's a pun... get it? You know what the Eggnormous Burrito isn't? Enormous. Well, it might be large, but it's not enormous in flavor. It's a poor man's Sonic burrito with bacon on it. I guess calling the thing Sausage Party is even too risque for BK, but that's what it is. Burger King takes their sausage patty and breaks it in half, and then stuffs in into a burrito shell. The whole thing tastes like sausage with hints of bacon. It's an obnoxious sausage flavor and it really dominates every bite. It's a no.    

11. Chick-fil-A sausage breakfast burrito

Chick-fil-A changed their burritos in August 2017, ditching the onions and peppers and adding in hash browns. The result?The burrito is much more consistent now (the onions and peppers were woefully prepared most times and tasted rubbery) but it's still lacking. The good thing about the sausage burrito is the hash browns sop up the sausage meat flavor, making every bite flavorful. But overall it's not an improvement over the prior recipe.  

10. McDonald's breakfast burrito

They were not the first, but you can make the case that McDonald's put breakfast burritos on the map. McDonald's makes a pretty good one — and they're super simple to make at home. The big drawback to McDonald's burrito is they're very small and they're always stupid hot; as in degrees not spiciness. The dominant flavor is cheese, and due to the pellet-sized sausage that Mickey D's uses, you don't get sausage with every bite. There are a lot of people that actually appreciate the fact that you don't get sausage in every bite, and the way the American cheese melts with the tortilla shell is just magical. It's a "get you by" burrito in a pinch, and can even fill the craving, but there's an overall lack of burrito to this. Of all the burritos sampled, this also had the most inconsistent tortilla. Some were almost rubbery, and others were dry to the point of almost being stale.

9. Taco Bell Grilled breakfast burrito

Nacho cheese. For some people, that's not your cheese to add to eggs. For others, it's the cheese that makes the dish. The eggs taste like McDonald's — which means butter-flavored. As a McDonald's copycat, it's pretty good, but the thing that puts it ahead of McDonald's is seen in this image; the wonderful crisp on the toasted shell. That toasted tortilla really gives it the extra flavor that facilitates the overall taste. If you're rolling to the border for a breakfast burrito, this is the one to get.  

8. Steak 'n Shake breakfast taco

Yes, it's a "taco," not a burrito, but it's close enough. It's actually pretty good; it's simply eggs, sausage, and a taco shell. It just needs something else to it. The tortilla shell is perfectly prepared — perhaps the best wrapping for any quick serve breakfast "burrito." You can see it in that image, it just looks like something you'd find at a taqueria in Mexico. The thing holding this back is you need to order about eight of them to fill you up. It's definitely worth a try if you're a breakfast "burrito" lover and looking for something a bit different.   

7. Sonic bacon burrito

The overall flavor is the egg, with the bacon complementing it. The bacon is quite good, however. It's very difficult to pull off a bacon burrito — generally speaking, bacon doesn't really work in taco form. If you're a bacon fan, and a bacon burrito fan, this is an easy get.

6. Del Taco Bacon Roller

The bacon in this one is great — that's a plus considering it's in its name. The cheese is soft. It has a really nice shell. So right off the bat on your first bite this is a really tasty burrito. If you've never had one, think a McDonald's burrito, only with more flavor. There seems to be a trend of quick service joints imitating McDonald's, and there's nothing wrong with that — especially when you do it better. If you're a fan of small burritos that are a quick grab and small snack, this is in an alternate to McDonald's, only with bacon. The only drawback is, as often happens with bacon burritos, the main flavor is egg. We tested these all without salsa or picante sauce, but the overwhelming egg really needs a nice salsa to offset the flavors, so make sure they don't forget the salsa when you get one of these. You'll need it.  

5. Del Taco Epic Bacon Scrambler

The difference between Del Taco's two different bacon tacos is this one includes a hash brown. Del Taco has managed to create a great balance of egg and cheese. The bacon is outstanding, with a smoky, fresh flavor. It's very well put together; a nice roll and wonderful layering of flavors. This is the best bacon burrito by far, and that wasn't a tough decision. If you don't have a Del Taco nearby, you should consider moving. 

4. Wawa sausage breakfast burrito

Of the many varieties of Wawa burritos, the sausage burrito is pretty basic: Sausage, eggs, cheese, and fresh salsa. And that simplicity works so well — the cheese is almost silky, the way it melds together with the egg. This is a top notch burrito. The problem is that it's always too hot; it's simply impossible to pick up a burrito on the go and eat it within five minutes, unless you love burning the roof of your mouth. Even with their delicious salsa, which provides just the right amount of veggies and very subtle heat, it's not enough to cool down the scorching temperature after they call your number to pick it up. If you're at a Wawa, the choice is obvious between the bacon and sausage burritos; it's sausage every time — but you still have to wait five minutes to eat it.         

3. Burger King hash brown burrito

This is Burger King's "other" burrito, and also goes by the name "Burrito Jr.,"", but there's nothing minor about this thing; it's actually great. Sausage, hash browns, and eggs, with a slight spice taste compliments of a barely there "spicy sauce." Very well balanced, not overloaded. The sausage worked out better than the "Eggnormous" (I just like saying that), and the hash brown really incorporated itself into the sausage. That's the trick to putting hash browns in burritos — they need to work in concert with the the meat, not be a separate item, because potatoes in a tortilla shell isn't great by its lonesome. The price is a value, and the taste is a plus. This is a shockingly good burrito.

2. Del Taco huevos rancheros epic burrito

Well, hello gorgeous. Huevos rancheros is eggs and avocado (basically), thrown into a burrito shell with sausage, refried beans, cheese, salsa and sour cream. Doesn't that sound great? Well, guess what? It is.   

I'll admit, the beans are too much. They don't ruin it, but it's the most unnecessary add-on since purple ketchup. There's a great overall spice to it, compliments of a roasted chile salsa. Fluffy eggs, avocado that is fresh, and a nice chorizo sausage — mild, not overwhelming at all. Basically this is a really really good burrito. And it's quite epic, in the "Oh my word that's huge" way. Even the sour cream works, which is difficult to pull off. If you're thinking there's too much going on here, it's quite the contrary; every flavor works in harmony to balance out a delicious burrito.  

1. Sonic Super Sonic breakfast burrito

"It's Sonic, and it's not even close." proclaimed one tester. A few places try to make hashbrowns work in burritos, but no one can swing it like Sonic. The balance Sonic presents is actually quite amazing — heat with a jalapeño, a flavorful burst with the tomatoes, the perfect amount of sausage and hash browns, fluffy eggs... I mean, look at that thing! It's teeming with flavor. You can see the jalapeño and tomato just popping with color. Nobody beats Sonic's Supersonic breakfast burrito. It's the perfect breakfast burrito every single time.