McDonald's UK Summer Menu Takes A Trip To Italy

McDonald's may have a reputation for being super American, but have you ever wondered what McDonald's in other countries is really like? It turns out that McDonald's locations around the world often have a totally different menu than what customers might be used to in the U.S. There are plenty of McDonald's menu items you can't buy in the U.S., and to make it even more complex, sometimes McDonald's in a different country will have a menu item inspired by yet another country. That's the case with the new McDonald's UK's Taste of Italy menu, which will debut on June 8 (via Chronicle Live).

McDonald's UK is saying goodbye to the McSpicy and Grand Big Mac sandwiches, and to the Cheesy Garlic Bites side. In their place, they're bringing on two new sandwiches. There's the McDonald's Crispy Chicken Italiano, which includes a crispy chicken filet, mozzarella, pesto, red onion, lettuce, tomato, and a ciabatta-style bun. Then, there's the Italian Stack, which features two classic McDonald's beef burger patties topped with mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, crispy onions, and lettuce, and instead of a standard roll, it will be served on a tomato and herb-flavored bun.

In addition, McDonald's is adding two more Italian-inspired items to the menu: a tiramisu McFlurry and the returning Mozzarella Dippers.

Are the Taste of Italy items any good?

Several journalists were given the opportunity to taste-test the new McDonald's Taste of Italy menu items. According to one reviewer in The Sun, the Italian Stack burger "tastes just like a sloppy lasagne," while the Crispy Chicken Italiano "was very fresh tasting." It also seems that the Italian Stack burger is different than a burger of the same name that the chain sold in 2019 as part of a "Great Tastes of the World" menu, the latter version of which included bacon and had no cheese (via YouTube). Both of the new sandwiches cost The Sun's reviewer £5.39.

A reviewer in the Mirror said of the Taste of Italy menu: "I can honestly say that this might just be my favorite thing McDonald's has ever done." They also tasted the chain's Spain and Cyprus menu items, which will replace Taste of Italy on July 27. The Spanish menu items include a crispy Chicken Fiesta sandwich and a Spanish Stack Burger. To celebrate Cyprus, McDonald's UK is introducing Halloumi Fries, which are made by frying up batons of firm halloumi cheese in a crispy coating. "No doubt about it, my favorite McDonald's item," shared the Mirror's reviewer.

Curious fans will have until July 27 to try the new Taste of Italy menu, and afterward, the Spain and Cyprus menus will kick in for an unspecified limited time.