A Fan-Favorite Cava Chicken Bowl Is Back On The Menu

Though Emma Chamberlain's popular Fire Bowl left the Cava menu, one of the chain's classics is now making its return to the store, to many customers' delight (via QSR).

Cava is similarly structured to other fast-casual restaurant chains like Chipotle where customers can make their own custom bowls with their choice of base, dips, protein, toppings, and dressings. However, there are also chef-curated bowls that already have a preset list of ingredients. For example, social media star Emma Chamberlain helped launch the Fire Bowl, which consisted of Spicy Hummus and Skhug sauce, falafel, feta, tomatoes pickled onions, avocado, Persian cucumbers, and olives on top of greens (via Buzzfeed).

Though on its online menu, Cava preaches the "power of choice," many people are passionate about its pre-built menu items. When Chamberlain's Fire Bowl was released, it received an abundance of positive responses followed by heaps of disappointed Instagram comments when it was removed. But, not to fear, as there is hope for that bowl returning one day, with this popular menu item making its reappearance at the chain this summer.

Cava wants a citrusy summer by relaunching its Lemon Chicken Bowl

Customers will be able to taste fresh flavors of Cava's Lemon Chicken Bowl and Preserved Lemon Vinaigrette again in summer. This menu item was introduced last year, and was the chain's top-selling curated bowl of 2021, according to QSR.

The bowl consists of spinach, romaine, Crazy Feta, red pepper hummus, grilled chicken, tomato and onion, pickled onions, cucumbers, lentil tabbouleh, fire-roasted corn, feta, and preserved lemon vinaigrette, which brings an extra citrusy flavor to the dish. And though the bowl's ingredients, in particular its popular lemon vinaigrette, is regularly available on the chain's menu year-round, Cava is also relaunching its Preserved Lemon Vinaigrette that customers can take home with them. This product was made in collaboration with New York Shuk and the taste of preserved lemons was described as an important part of the flavor profile by Departures. And buying and storing this jarred version might be a wise action, as the Lemon Chicken Bowl will only be available from June 6 through October 2.