Jennifer Garner's Bagel Recipe That Went Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

We know from a video Jennifer Garner posted on her aptly named "Pretend Cooking Show" that her bagel recipe doesn't work all the time. Her comedic video documenting the failure went viral in 2018, and we have to ask: Was it the delivery or the content? Or was it just because it's Garner?

There's an unbiased element to Garner's Pretend Cooking Show, which she hosts on Instagram, and that's what takes the edge off her foodie faux pas. She not only admits to the failure but posts the video anyways and lets the world see it. This kind of candor is refreshing on a social media platform known for popularity contests and glittery facades.

The video in question has more than 657,900 views and almost 29,000 likes. And as a testimony to her funny mishap, one kitchen appliance brand partnered with "The Adam Project" star, supplying Garner with her favorite kitchen tools.

How did Jennifer's Garners bagels flop?

The bout between Jennifer Garner and bagels is probably the only tournament where both parties lost. Still, we can't say the score is Garner-0, bagel-1; the bagels looked so deflated that they couldn't possibly be the winners.

Garner explained in her Instagram post that the inspiration for her bagel endeavor came from a successful previous bagel-making attempt. She captioned the video: "That Christmas you were so proud (cocky😬😳) of the homemade bagels you baked for your family, you decided to make them again." What a humble realization — but it could be where Garner went wrong.

No one seemed to hold it against Garner, though. One of her Instagram followers voiced the collective feeling of her millions of followers, writing: "look thru her ig! I swear I love her. She's sooo funny." Garner couldn't have received a better reaction if she'd made the best bagels in the United States. The actor is well aware that her culinary skills aren't perfect, and her fans love her all the more for it.