The Returning Jack In The Box Menu Item That Has Fans Excited

French fries are among the most popular foods in the United States. In fact, a whopping 1/4 of the entire potato crop grown in the U.S. goes to producing them, with the average American eating a hefty 30 pounds of fries every year, according to National Geographic. And while an average serving of perfectly salted French fries can definitely satisfy a carb craving, many places also like to experiment with ways to take this classic dish up a notch.

Jack in the Box did exactly that last year when the company released Roost fries, a flavorful new potato side dish. The cheese and protein-packed fries first hit menus at participating locations nationwide in the summer of 2021, according to Chew Boom. However, the loaded fries were only available for a limited time, leaving fans sad to see them go when they inevitably left the menu. But now, Jack in the Box has exciting news for fans of Roost fries. According to Brand Eating, the chain will be bringing Roost fries back to their menu this summer, and they will be available in two different varieties: classic and spicy.

Roost Fries' return received positive reactions on social media

The classic Roost fries are loaded with a gooey blend of shredded cheddar cheese and cheese sauce, festooned with pieces of breaded white-meat chicken and drizzled with the chain's famous Good Good sauce, according to Brand Eating. For those looking for a little extra kick with their fry, they can give the spicy Roost fries a try. This version delivers the same chicken and cheese goodness as the classic order but heats things up with slivers of pickled jalapeños and a spicy version of their signature Good Good sauce.

The chain announced the return of the Roost fries on social media with a meme, posting a photo comparing a regular fry to a plate of Roost fries on Twitter with the joking caption "I'm built different." Many fans seemed excited to learn the news of the snack's return. "This makes me wanna do cheat day early and get some... Jack... what are you doing?" one Twitter follower replied. "Shipping requested to Chicago...Please and thank you!" wrote a different fan, while another posted a photo of their own order of Roost fries, captioned simply "Yessir." So it sounds like there are at least some Jack in the Box customers who've been waiting to get their hands on this revived snack.