Aldi Fans Are Thirsty For Its New Sweet, Fruity Wines

For many people, a glass of wine is the perfect way to unwind after a long day. And although wine can be great all year round, fruit wines just might become your next new favorite summer drink. While most wine is technically derived from fruit, since it is made from grapes, fruit wines are specifically made from fermented fruit juices and deliver a sweet, refreshing flavor that is perfect for a warm summer's day.

Fruit wine is made by extracting the juice from fresh fruit, then allowing it to ferment with sugar and yeast in a cool, dark place until it has achieved the desired alcohol content and taste, according to Usual Wines. Since just about any fruit can be fermented, fruit wines can come in a wide variety of flavors, from blackberry to cherry and everything in between.

And now, Aldi fans are excited to see that a selection of sweet and flavorful fruity wines have arrived on store shelves. Aldi's Pacific Fruit Vineyards line of fruit wines is back for the summer, and they are selling in most locations for under five bucks, according to Aisle of Shame.

Adli's fruit wine received rave reviews on social media

One shopper posted the news of the wine's arrival on social media."Sunday funday?! These babies would be so perfect with a Sunday brunch," @aldi.mademedoit wrote on Instagram, asking their followers "Which flavor would you grab?! I'm team pineapple!"

Many of their followers were quick to share their own flavor preferences, and based on the responses, there didn't seem to be an unpopular flavor in the bunch. "The blueberry is by far the best one!!" shared @highlycaffeinatedtherapist, while @chenaij replied, "Mango first then pineapple. I might even mix them." Another Instagram user argued that "Peach is the best one!" "I added frozen blueberries to the peach the other day, it was so good!" another follower suggested, while @miz_babycakes88 posted simply, "They are all good."

These flavorful wines contain a lower alcohol content than most traditional wines, at around 9% alcohol by volume, making them great for a casual and relaxing summer evening unwinding on a patio or having a picnic outdoors, according to Aisle of Shame. But no matter where they are enjoyed, it seems that many Aldi fans are excited to stock up on these fruit wines this season.