Mountain Dew Has A New Exclusive Flavor — Here's Where To Get It

In the summer, all kinds of delicious and refreshing fruits come into season, from watermelons and sweet cherries to a whole host of berries, including strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries. And now, the popular soda brand Mountain Dew has decided to embrace the fruity flavors of summer with the launch of an exclusive new flavor, Mountain Dew Overdrive. The new Mountain Dew release delivers a burst of summery flavor that "packs a refreshing citrus punch taste with hints of mango, raspberry and lime flavors," according to a press release.

This new flavor will only be sold exclusively at Casey's, the third-largest convenience store chain in the nation, both on tap and in 20-ounce bottles. As part of this partnership, the brand will also be including hidden nods to Casey's history on the Mountain Dew Overdrive label, including a rooster weathervane necklace and barn-shaped buoy. They encourage fans who find these hidden gems to share the discoveries on social media and tag @MountainDew and @Caseys. Finally, in honor of Mountain Dew Overdrive's arrival in stores, the chain will even be introducing a brand new mascot, the playful and adventurous Benny the Bearalope, who will be making an appearance at Casey's locations throughout the summer to ring in the new release.

Mountain Dew Overdrive will be sold exclusively at Casey's convenience stores

Based on the social media response this news has been gathering, it seems that many fans can't wait to give this exclusive new flavor a try. The popular Instagram account @candyhunting made a post alerting their followers to the new find with the caption, "New Mtn Dew Overdrive is out now exclusively at Casey's! The flavor is described as Dew with a blast of citrus punch flavor. The graphics show lime, raspberry, and mango," and went on to describe the flavor as "very muted" and "more like a hint, rather than a 'blast,' of mango berry."

Many followers were quick to express their interest in the fruity new flavor. "Jealous!! I hope to venture to my nearest this week," replied one user. "Omg no way. I need a Casey's!" wrote another follower, while one Instagrammer simply posted, "Score!!!" "Mountain Dew doesn't rest," someone joked. "No Casey's in my neck of the woods! Shame, sounds like a nice flavor!" lamented another Instagram user. So it certainly seems like Mountain Dew has piqued the interest of their fans with the launch of this fruity summertime flavor.