Instagram Had Plenty To Say About Padma Lakshmi's Hilarious 'Y2K' Pic

As noted on her website, Padma Lakshmi is known for being one of the minds behind the hit show "Top Chef." But the longtime cookbook author and food world celebrity and model can also add being a Y2K fashion icon to her resume. Lakshmi's new potential Y2K royalty status can be linked to a throwback Instagram post she made that had her fans on the social media app in an uproar.

Y2K, which is another way of referring to the early 2000s, started making a fashion comeback two years ago and has continued to be a popular aesthetic trend since (via PopSugar). According to Refinery29 channeling the early 2000s in your clothing typically involves wearing "low-rise jeans, belly chains, and tiny tops," though there are countless other typically bright styles that can apply.

While the fashion-savvy people of today may be looking towards celebrities of the early 2000s for Y2K inspiration, some big stars like Lakshmi were sporting the iconic fashion trend when it first arrived on the scene. Now Lakshmi is reliving those sartorial days of yore on social media and causing a buzz among her Instagram fans.

Instagram loved Padma Lakshmi's Y2K look

While Padma Lakshmi admits to frequently wearing jumpsuits these days (via Fashionista), in the early 2000s, she was busy being newly married to writer Salman Rushdie and serving authentic Y2K looks. And to prove it, she posted a photo on Instagram of herself from that time period sporting ultra-thin eyebrows and wearing a dark crop top, snake-skin pants, and arm warmers. Of course, her vintage callback was only improved by the flip phone in her hand. In the post, Lakshmi expressed her love of her snakeskin pants, lamented about her narrow eyebrows, and wished for the return of flip phones. Her fans blew up the comments section with love for her style.

Some followers expressed their mutual feeling of frustration towards the early 2000s' thin eyebrow trend. One user wrote "Thin eyebrows builds character. I been through the same thing 😭." Others noted how Lakshmi's outfit was peak Y2K fashion, concurring, "Amen to all of this 😂 what in the y2K." A few of the "Top Chef" host's Instagram fans even talked about how they had worn similar outfits during that decade: "You look amazing. Also: I think I have a photo of myself wearing an almost identical (yet far jankier) outfit in Y2K. It was totally a thing." Given the post's feedback and popularity, Lakshmi is likely to be a hit on Instagram's #y2kfashion tag.