Why Italians Only Drink Cappuccinos In The Morning

We know that having a cappuccino during the evening, especially when it's a bit chilly outside, is quite the craving pleaser. The foam of the milk on top is the coziest way to finish a long day. But, if you ever find yourself doing the same thing while vacationing in Rome or Florence, you will probably receive some weird looks, and instantly be targeted as a tourist. If you have been in that situation already, look around: Some other coffee drinkers are probably drinking a shot of espresso in tiny cups. 

Italians are known for how they drink and respect their coffee. For them, it is more than a drink, but a ritual to practice several moments a day. Yes, Italians have their own sets of rules for drinking coffee so deepened into its culture, like not having milky coffee drinks after 11 a.m. (via Eataly).

In Italy, it's very common to see people during the morning having their pastry of preference with a cappuccino, latte, or another type of beverage with milk. But, once hours start to pass and lunch or dinner arrives, anything related to coffee would be an espresso. In fact, they just need to say the word caffé, and baristas would know it's an espresso shot order (per HuffPost). Baristas also know that milk is associated with breakfast and that probably it won't be the best idea to drink a glass of milk after you already have had lunch or dinner.

Italians drink espresso after meals because milky drinks can feel too heavy

According to HuffPost, Italian lunches and dinner can be heavy, with several courses included. Italian food culture is devoted to carbs, cheese, wine, and the best quality pasta, making this country a foodie dream come true. So, a cappuccino or latte, with milk, are not always the best idea as an after-meal drink. 

On one side, these drinks are already very filling, and you will probably feel very full after eating spaghetti like a true Italian. So, an espresso shot is the lightest way to complement your night; and a cappuccino or latte would suit better if joined with a slice of baked bread for breakfast. But, if you really feel like having a splash of milk with coffee for the afternoon, and if the espresso feels too strong for you, try with a macchiato: This is an espresso shot with a slight touch of milk foam, totally acceptable in Italian rules (via Food and Wine). But, if ever in Italy, just have it before 11 a.m., and say "buongiorno" to the rest of the coffee lovers around you.