TikTok Is Seriously Unimpressed With Taco Bell's Sour Cream Gun

If you had to fire white cream from a gun as part of your job, it would probably be weird if you didn't raise a very large eyebrow. However, the sour cream dispenser is a vital component of Taco Bell restaurants — because shoveling dollops of condiment using a spoon is just too much hard work.

In fact, the sour cream gun is something of a very minor (and weird) cult icon. There's a Facebook page dedicated to it, as well as a Change.org campaign to fire it at spectators during baseball games. One Twitter user thinks that drive-thru customers should be able to suck on it, and Vice reports that a New York Taco Bell was designed specifically so visitors could watch the gun in action.

The unusual fantasies are not shared by all Taco Bell customers though. A TikTok video showing a sour cream gun being fired weakly and inaccurately toward a trashcan and then the side of an empty taco in a Taco Bell kitchen failed to please some viewers — with allegations of poor cream dispensing techniques during the preparation of tacos a particular complaint.

TikTok viewers criticized Taco Bell's sour cream gun

The TikTok video — which has been viewed 1.4 million times – made some viewers wonder if the reliability of the sour cream gun was a reason why Taco Bell orders can be prepared below the expected standard. "So that's why when I order taco supremes the sour cream is all on one side," one reply concluded. Another user queried why the cream always ends up in one place, and one user believed half of every order is just condiment. Examples of the gun's misfires are also shown on Reddit by users mingoleg and 2WheelRide, sour cream soaking the outsides of tacos rather than the insides.

The price of Taco Bell's sour cream was also a cause of concern on the TikTok clip. One replier believed the video showed $100-worth of cream being used, and a further commenter said shooting it into the trash made them "mad."

Taco Bell workers were more supportive of the cream gun, recalling times spent shooting each other during what were sure to be very messy games. "It's pretty cool until you're caught in the crossfire", said one commenter, while a second added that the gun is fun until it has to be filled up.