Reddit Can't Get Enough Of These Trader Joe's Flowers

Trader Joe's is constantly showing us the best of the best when it comes to its popular food items. There's nothing better than a trip to Trader Joe's to get all your essentials, and maybe a little something extra for fun. We personally love to grab some flowers at the end of a long grocery shop to reward ourselves for a job well done because, let's be real, nothing is better than putting together a colorful bouquet to liven up your living space. 

According to the vast amount of recent Redditors doling out the peony posts, it's clear the store is offering up an amazing flower selection right now. You can even find tulips, roses, and baby's breath. The popular grocer is providing the perfect selection for when it comes time to choose what flowers will be on display. But one flower, in particular, has caught Reddit's eye this season and it's definitely upping everyone's bouquet arrangements.

Everyone loves peonies

Reddit has recently been going crazy for these bright and beautiful flowers, and rightly so. One Redditor shared some white peonies in a beautiful retro vase. With colors like light pink, a deep red, and completely white, it's no surprise that peonies are the talk of the town right now. And even more so since it is nearing the end of the voluptuous flowers season (via Southern Living). Late April to early June is the best time to decorate your house with a bouquet of peonies and Trader Joe's is making sure you get the fullest and most colorful ones out there. A separate Reddit post shows a peony "even on its last days" and it's still looking quite gorgeous. 

According to Trader Joe's website, for only $9.99 you can have a bunch of five peonies, that's enough for a whole display! And since peonies come in every color except blue, you can match them to anything in your house and even include some other flowers from your garden or in your grocery haul to make the floral arrangement stand out even more (via Town&Country). Take an example from this Redditor showing off their arrangements with alstroemeria, dianthus, mums and "dried out Unicorn Baby's Breath."

Peonies can brighten up your home and your day

Since we don't want these beautiful flowers to go to waste once they are in your home, it's important to follow the necessary steps to take care of them and make sure they reach their full potential. The flower is known to be stubborn when it comes to them staying closed. Luckily, the Trader Joe's website gives some pointers on what to do when you bring the peonies home. With that kind of help, people can get the best out of their flowers like one fan who decided to "hop on the peony arrangement bandwagon" and show off their selection. Long-lasting flowers can brighten up a room and even your mood, as one Reddit user grabbed some as part of a "depression haul."

Shopping at Trader Joe's has never seemed more relaxing, or perhaps, more beautiful. You can walk among the flower section, appreciating the smells and colors, choosing which can help you create the most amazing arrangement. You might try one made up of peonies and eucalyptus as one user posted or just a simple setup of deep red peonies like this one. You don't even need a vase for your flowers, like one person shared, you can simply put them in a cute water pitcher.