The Heartbreaking News Martha Stewart Just Shared

Domestic goddess Martha Stewart had mid-week plans — big ones, as she was set to celebrate her "favorite skincare line" Mario Badescu at The Plaza hotel in New York City. But like so many others these past few weeks, Stewart was forced to cancel her plans at the last minute due to the pandemic. She used Instagram to send her regrets, saying, "I'm sad to report that I tested positive for Covid-19." Stewart added that she would be "heartbroken" to miss the June 21 event honoring the launch of Badescu's "Martha Facial," which she's been enjoying for the past four decades. Still, she sent her best wishes for what she said she was certain would be a "fabulous event."

Thanks to social media, we know that Stewart, who is 80, was vaccinated in January of 2021 in New York and had indicated that she was excited to get her booster shot. What we don't know for sure is whether she received at least a third shot, per the CDC's recommendations. Regardless, the lifestyle mogul said she is "feeling fine" while "sticking to the rules and isolating."

Stewart joins a list of VIPs who have recently been sick with COVID-19

Stewart is not the only famous figure to reveal that she's has had COVID-19 this month. Earlier in June, both Beanie Feldstein and Hugh Jackman's Broadway performances were temporarily halted by positive test results, according to Us Magazine. Meanwhile, pandemic expert Dr. Anthony Fauci — who is fully vaccinated and has been boosted twice — has been "experiencing mild symptoms" of the virus and was given Paxlovid, reports NPR.

After Stewart revealed her diagnosis on Instagram, fans flocked to social media to send their best wishes for her speedy recovery. "Feel better Martha it's all there because of you !! it'll be there when you get back better," one user said with a shower of heart emojis. Another advised Stewart to "feel better soon! Remember to stay hydrated! (I know you will)." The star has yet to post an update on her symptoms as of this writing.