Buffalo Wild Wings' New 'Bird Dawgs' Are Flying Onto The Menu

In many countries, turning 18 is the official mark of adulthood. The monumental birthday comes with a boatload of new opportunities, such as being able to vote, play the lottery, or open up a credit card. But while many of these could be considered a perk to becoming an adult, there's at least one coming-of-age phenomenon that, if you ask us, isn't exactly ideal. For some reason, as soon as you hit the age of 18, it's suddenly looked down upon to order chicken tenders at a restaurant, and we just want to know: What gives? Chicken tenders are downright delicious, not to mention comforting and nostalgic. Plus, Verywell Fit says that the breaded strips of poultry are a good source of protein, as well as an excellent source of vitamin B6, phosphorus, niacin, and selenium. What about any of that is bad?

We here at Mashed want to change the narrative surrounding adults ordering chicken tenders (or other kids' menu favorites) when dining out. It appears we're not the only ones fighting for the cause as Chew Boom reports that Buffalo Wild Wings recently introduced a brand new dish inspired by the beloved childhood staple. Featuring a "hand-breaded chicken tender on a brioche bun loaded up with sauces and toppings," Bird Dawgs are the latest mouthwatering entrée flying onto menus at the popular wing joint — and, according to a tweet sent out by the chain earlier today, they're reserved "for grown-ups only."

BWWs has three different Bird Dawg sandwiches for customers to choose from

Buffalo Wild Wings is showing support for its adult-aged, chicken tender-loving patrons with the debut of Bird Dawgs, a line of sandwiches that are essentially a cross between chicken fingers and hot dogs. Introduced to menus on Wednesday, June 22, per Chew Boom, BWW customers have the option of customizing their Bird Dawg to their liking or choosing from one of three pre-fixed variations, starting with the Loaded Bird Dawg that's topped with beer cheese and Wild Honey Mustard. The lineup also includes the Honey BBQ Bird Dawg featuring fries and BWW's Honey BBQ sauce, as well as the Buffalo Bird Dawg which comes smothered in ranch, slaw, and the eatery's medium buffalo sauce. The latter was a favorite for YouTuber Papi Eats, who noted in his review of the sammie that the slaw, in particular, was a nice touch because it "cuts through everything else." YouTuber BigJonTV also concurred, saying in his review that the Buffalo Bird Dawg was "fantastic."

The introduction of Bird Dawgs coincides with the release of B-Dubs' new Happy Hour menu, which will be offered Monday through Friday from 3 to 6 p.m. Customers dining at the sports bar during these hours will be offered a number of wallet-friendly deals on food and drinks, including $4 Miller Lites, $5 strawberry margaritas, and $3 chips and salsa. The price tag on Bird Dawgs is also slashed down to $5.