The Unexpected Ingredient Aida Mollenkamp Uses In Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a summer favorite for many people. The cool and creamy texture makes them a perfect complement to savory and sweet dishes. They also serve as a perfect vessel for a variety of seasonings and toppings. Many different versions of a deviled eggs recipe exist as it's so easy for people to put their own spins on them.

One person who has done just that is Aida Mollenkamp. The Food Network calls her a food expert and highlights her knowledge in the show "Ask Aida." She's used that knowledge and her passion to create her own take on deviled eggs. However, she didn't need to reinvent the dish completely. Rather, the chef's take on the classic breakfast amps up that beloved creaminess while also adding a new flavor component. The inclusion of one simple ingredient makes Aida Mollenkamp's deviled eggs unique, and the twist is sure to make any Dr. Seuss fan green with envy.

Aida Mollenkamp uses a superfood to make her eggs super

Avocado is more than a superfood that celebs swear by. According to Food Network, Aida Mollenkamp also uses it as her secret ingredient in her deviled eggs recipe. As Mere Disciple points out, the addition of avocado brings a creamy texture and delicious taste to any dish. That isn't all avocado brings, though — adding avocado seriously ups the nutritional value of any dish, per Healthline. One 7-oz avocado gives you nearly a quarter of your daily recommended allowance of Vitamin C and 21% of your allowance of potassium, among other nutrients.

Mollenkamp also uses prosciutto in her recipe to give her deviled eggs a true "Green Eggs and Ham" treatment. The avocado gives the filling a bit of a green coloration that might remind you of Subway's "Green Eggs and Ham" sandwich promotion in 2020. The chef also adds prosciutto, which is a great offset because it brings a salty flavor profile. Even if you are Sam I Am, the addition of avocado might make you want to try Mollenkamp's deviled eggs.