The Unexpected Amount Of Caffeine In Turkish Coffee

Espresso is a common coffee drink all over the world but it isn't the only way to prepare delicious coffee beverages. Turkish coffee is an alternative that differs in many ways, as Coffee Pursuits points out. Among those differences is how much caffeine is in every cup. It's natural for different coffees to have varying caffeine levels. Healthline says that among the things that can influence that is the preparation and roasting methods. For instance, lighter espresso blends have more caffeine than dark espresso blends. Thus, if getting the maximum amount of caffeine into your system per ounce is your goal, you're better off going for a light roast.

For those who prefer enjoying the aroma and flavor of a cup of coffee without caffeine, there are many options as well. While some might wonder if it's really possible to remove all caffeine from coffee, others question whether espresso and Turkish coffee have a different caffeine content and if so, why. The truth about that situation might surprise you.

Turkish coffee isn't going to give you the jitters

Coffee Pursuits says that Turkish coffee actually contains less caffeine than espresso. According to Coffee Pursuits, a typical cup of espresso contains about 64 mg of caffeine. In comparison, an espresso cup-sized serving of Turkish coffee includes about 50 milligrams of caffeine. While a difference of 14 milligrams of caffeine might not sound like a lot, the lower caffeine content in Turkish coffee might allow you to consume more. The Mayo Clinic says that healthy adults should keep their daily caffeine intake to under 400 milligrams. So, less caffeine can translate to higher volumes of coffee.

Why does espresso contain more caffeine than Turkish coffee? It's about the preparation, including the temperature of the water used (via Coffee Pursuits). Coffee Pursuits says that the water used for espresso is usually five degrees hotter than the water used in Turkish coffee preparation. Perfect Brew breaks down the preparation for Turkish coffee even further. While espresso infuses the hot water into the beans, Turkish coffee suspends the grounds in hot water. Thus, when it comes to the amount of caffeine in coffee, choosing espresso or Turkish coffee will make a difference.