These Are The World's Most Expensive Edible Eggs

Eggs are a common ingredient in many dishes, ranging from savory omelets to baked desserts. There are some eggs that are so costly that getting enough of them to follow an egg salad recipe, for example, would cost a literal fortune. One type of eggs takes extravagance to the max.

How Much Is It says that a dozen chicken eggs in the United States usually runs from about two to six dollars, depending on several factors. The most expensive eggs available around the globe will run you a lot more than that, though; for what you would spend on just one serving of the world's most expensive eggs, you could probably buy an endless supply of chicken eggs. To find these eggs you probably couldn't afford to eat more than once in your life, you need to look somewhere other than your nearest poultry farm — a fishery is a more likely location.

Beluga caviar

Listverse lays out which eggs are the most expensive in the world: Beluga caviar holds that distinction, averaging between $3,000 and $4,000 per serving. The Guinness Book of World Records says that Almas, a type of Iranian Beluga caviar, sold for an eye-popping $34,500. Not all caviar is that expensive, though. Gourmet Food Store has some available for under $10 an ounce. Why such a wide range of prices for fish eggs? 

Some types of caviar are more expensive because of how rare they are, according to Caspian Monarque. The $34,500-serving caviar comes from an endangered sturgeon and females of the species only produce eggs once every 18 years. Umami Insider lays out how other types of fish eggs, like the roe you find on sushi, are far more common. Those eggs come from fish like herring, salmon, and smelt. The next time you grimace at paying three or four dollars for a dozen chicken eggs, consider that in comparison to the Almas eggs, you're getting quite a deal.