Why A McDonald's Employee Kicked A TikToker Out Of The Drive-Thru

It can be a hard-knock life for McDonald's employees. In June 2021 the New York Post reported that a woman was arrested after attacking McDonald's for not mixing slushie flavors. In 2019, a man was arrested when he asked for a straw and then assaulted an employee, says CBS News. In both cases, the workers fought back. Fortunately, the latest McDonald's drama didn't escalate nearly as much as in those events. But it involves another employee who stood up to an allegedly difficult customer, and TikTok is here for it.

TikToker Ghetto garage recently posted a video, presumably of him, getting unceremoniously kicked out of a McDonald's drive-thru. The TikTok shows an irate employee shouting, "Obviously, we cannot satisfy you the first time and we're done trying. So get out of my drive-thru." According to Daily Dot, this particular TikTok is but an excerpt from Ghetto garage's first post, which included more of the exchange and implies that this is not the customer's first run-in with these McDonald's employees. 

Apparently, the customer complained that his drink didn't have any caramel in it. In the longer video, the employee says, "It's all on the bottom, see? And now you can go to a different store. We will not be serving you anymore." When the customer asked why he wouldn't be served further, the employee said, "Because every single time we make your drink it is wrong." The worker then accused him of calling employees "vulgar names." Oh, snap!

People are fully supporting the McDonald's employee's reaction

If the comments sections of both the long and short videos are any indication, people everywhere are fully on Team McDonald's Employee. "She in fact was not lovin it," said one TikTok commenter, to which Ghetto garage himself replied, "At all."

Many commenters in the customer service industry can relate to the employee's frustrations. "People don't realize how exhausting and annoying it is trying to satisfy greedy customers," said one user, imploring people to "go somewhere else already!" Another person said that service workers are over being mistreated. "Don't come in threaten us and think u can get away with it." Yet another commenter who worked in the fast food industry for years agrees that the employee is, "1000% in the right," and adds that "some people need to be put in their place."

And those aren't the only frustrated voices making themselves heard. On Reddit, McDonald's employees have recalled such incidents as an irate customer supposedly insisting that workers owed her a car after her vehicle overheated and the time a man purportedly pelted cars with gas station food because he was refused service when he walked through a McDonald's drive-thru to place an order.

No word yet on how McDonald's feels about the TikTok exchange and resulting publicity, but something tells us fewer people will be messing with the employees at that particular location.