20 Best Low-Sugar Yogurt Brands You Need To Try

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When you cut up some fruit, pour some granola, or make yourself waffles at the start of the day, you may feel the desire to add a little more to your meal to add a little extra something to your breakfast. For many people, this is a sweet, cool serving of yogurt. Regular yogurt, whipped yogurt, Greek yogurt — no matter how you take it, yogurt in general is a creamy addition to your morning meal, and can be what gives you an extra boost of energy to help get you through the day. There's just one problem for some people when it comes to yogurt: the sugar.

A little sugar, in most cases, is completely healthy, especially when you're dealing with natural sugars. Too much sugar, on the other hand, can cause problems, so you want to make sure you aren't eating too much at one meal. When it comes to yogurt, you have to be careful because some of the products out there can contain a little more than half the amount of sugar in a serving of ice cream. That's what makes low-sugar yogurts so appealing to many who want to have yogurt but also want to have less sugar in their diet. Fortunately, there are lots of low-sugar yogurts out there, so we've compiled a list of 20 of them that you absolutely need to try.

1. Maple Hill Creamery

The first yogurt we have on this list comes from Maple Hill Creamery, which is a dairy company that prides itself on its organic dairy products. You can find milk, butter, kefir, and yogurt on the company's website, all made from cows that have been grass-fed. Maple Hills offers two Greek yogurts: vanilla and plain (via Maple Hill Creamery). The vanilla flavor isn't the lowest-sugar yogurt out there, so when you're looking at this brand of yogurt, make sure you're paying attention. Their plain yogurt, however, is a low-sugar product, and it's a delicious one, as well.

The plain Greek yogurt you can find under the Maple Hill name only has five grams of sugar in a serving, which is far less than the 10 to 13 grams you find in typical yogurts (as per BMJ Open) or, in some cases, even more than that. As another plus, the five grams of sugar aren't "added sugars," and are completely natural. The plain yogurt from Maple Hills Creamery is not only low in sugar but creamy too, and it's described by reviewers on Amazon as tasting like fresh, homemade yogurt. It makes for the perfect base to mix some granola or fruit into and to have as either a filling breakfast or a healthy snack.

2. Jadamsun

Not all yogurt comes in a cup that you need a spoon to eat. Some yogurt comes in a bottle, while other yogurt comes in a smoothie pouch. All you have to do to enjoy the breakfast item is open it and sip. Jadamsun is a Korean-based company that hopes to create a nutritional, healthy society through its foodstuffs. Jadamsun's Body Loves Konjac Jelly is a Korean-made yogurt drink that is sold in a pouch. It's branded on Amazon as a "yogurt flavor smoothie" and claims to be widely known and consumed in Asia due to its health benefits and link to weight loss.

This Jadamsun Konjac yogurt is a two-layered jelly with a softer outer layer and a chewier inner layer. A single pouch of this yogurt jelly has three milligrams of probiotics, 1.8 grams of fiber, and no sugar at all. The brand carries a mango flavor on Amazon that's supposedly quite flavorful, and only has one to two calories in each pouch. It's not your typical cup of sweet, creamy Greek yogurt, but it's still a smoothie-like, delicious treat. It wouldn't at all hurt for you to try it out with your next breakfast or during snack time.

3. Oatly

Oats are a healthy, tasty thing to add to any meal. You can add them into muffins or a granola mix, or mix them into a yogurt bowl. There are also many companies on this list that make an oat-based yogurt product. Oatly is one of these brands that only knows oats and wants to inspire people to turn to a more plant-based diet. Along with their "oatgurt," they have oat-based milks and frozen desserts, though only one of its products is one that we consider a low-sugar yogurt.

Oatly's plain Oatgurt is a vegan, plant-based oat yogurt that is supposedly thicker than a classic European-style yogurt, but less thick than Greek yogurt (via Oatly). Described as "nicely mild," it's an excellent base for any breakfast bowl. It has six grams of sugar. They're all added sugars, but it's still far less than some of the other yogurts that you'll find in stores. Plus, it's made out of oats, so it'll fit into any vegan's diet. If you're not vegan, you'll still likely enjoy this creamy, light yogurt, and we highly suggest you try it out with your next bowl of granola or cereal.

4. Lavva

As gluten-free, dairy-free, and fat-free diets have become more prominent, the number of products made for those diets have only increased. Another dairy-free yogurt on this list is Lavva's probiotic yogurts. Instead of dairy, its yogurt products are made with pili nuts, young plantains, coconut, and cassava root, making this brand of yogurt plant-based. They're made with 50 billion live probiotic cultures per cup, and Lavva also uses real fruit in its products, making them a healthy choice. And the best part? Every serving of Lavva's yogurt contains no added sugars, gums, or added flavors, making for some pretty healthy low-sugar yogurt alternatives.

Lavva's yogurt comes in six flavors: mango, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, vanilla, and their original flavor. Each of the yogurts are completely dairy-free, and are made with pili nuts. Furthermore, each flavor of this yogurt brand's products, aside from the vanilla flavor, only contains seven grams of sugar. The vanilla flavor has less sugar than the other flavors, with six grams instead. No matter what flavor you get, however, you're in for a creamy, cool treat that's a wonderful addition to anyone's morning meal.

5. Icelandic Provisions

There are more types of yogurt out there than Greek yogurt and the regular or whipped versions we typically have in the morning. Icelandic Provisions is a brand that makes skyr, or a kind of Icelandic yogurt that's supposedly thicker and creamier than regular yogurt. This is due to the higher milk content in the yogurt, as it takes four whole cups of milk to make a single serving. They offer three kinds of skyr: Traditional, Extra Creamy, and a fruit and nut variation of the Icelandic yogurt. Most products are low-sugar, so you can enjoy them without guilt.

There's a wide range of flavors that Icelandic Provisions offers, from a blackberry and boysenberry yogurt to a strawberry and lingonberry flavor (via Icelandic Provisions). The most sugar one of these yogurts will have is 10 grams, while a good amount of their flavors, like their vanilla yogurt, only has nine. The product with the lowest sugar that Icelandic Provisions has is their plain skyr, which only has three grams of sugar total. So while not all of these products are created equally in terms of sugar content, there's still far less of it than in other leading yogurt brands, and these yogurts are far creamier.

6. Trimona

Bulgarian Yogurt is yet another kind of yogurt that might not seem different at first glance to a regular yogurt product, but can make your morning better all the same — and when it has a lower sugar content, it becomes all the more appealing to those wanting to watch their sugar intake. Unlike Greek yogurt, which is strained, Bulgarian yogurt is not, leaving the whey and other healthy ingredients in the yogurt that are otherwise removed (via Jigsaw Health). Though this next product isn't made in Bulgaria, the Pennsylvanian yogurt is made in the style of a traditional Bulgarian yogurt.

Trimona is a yogurt company that offers a dairy product made in the Bulgarian style, leaving consumers with some unstrained, vitamin and protein-filled yogurts, all of which are flavorful, low-sugar breakfast items. Trimona's Bulgarian yogurts are all made without straining, and the company offer a plain Bulgarian yogurt, which contains only five grams of natural sugar. Trimona also offers three yogurts that combine the creamy breakfast food with healthy superfoods. These come in matcha and maca, acai and beet, and turmeric and ginger flavors. All of these yogurts are also low-sugar products, each only having five grams of natural sugar, as well.

7. Dannon's Light + Fit

Dannon is a brand known to many yogurt lovers. It has loads of different yogurt products, from their nonfat, plain-flavored yogurt to their Light + Fit Greek yogurt. Its Greek yogurt is the low-sugar yogurt we're talking about, as most of these yogurts typically contain around seven to eight grams of sugar, with only two grams of added sugar in the mix. Despite not having as much sugar in them, however, these yogurts manage to be amazing, with a light sweetness and a satisfying taste. They're creamy, thick, and delicious, especially if you eat them when they're super cold.

Dannon's Light + Fit Greek yogurts come in a variety of flavors, each containing around the same amount of sugar. Some flavors have little pieces of fruit in them that you need to mix into the yogurt, while other flavors lack the fruit bits and are completely consistent in texture and creaminess. These flavors can range from strawberry cheesecake to toasted coconut vanilla, both of which only have 80 calories and a low-sugar content. Dannon also have seasonal flavors, too. You can find a delicious crème brulee flavor closer to Christmas and a pumpkin pie — yes, a pumpkin pie-flavored yogurt — during the fall.

8. Forager Project

Yogurt is a delicious, dairy-based product to add to your breakfast. However, if you can't eat a lot of dairy, or any at all, then there are a lot of yogurts out there that you can still have, as they are made without dairy. Forager Project is a family-owned food company that prides itself on plant-based foods and offers a wide range of dairy-free, organic foods. This includes the brand's yogurts, which are made out of cashew milk and are dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and vegan. Forager Project has several different yogurt flavors, and though admittedly, several of these yogurts have quite a bit of sugar, a few of Forager's products contain a very small amount of sugar.

Forager Project carries two products that could be considered low-sugar. The first of these is its unsweetened plain cashew milk yogurt, as well as a drink variation of the product. This flavor is completely natural and is the perfect base for any fruits or granola you wish to add. There's also an unsweetened vanilla bean flavor, which, along with the plain flavor, contains only one gram of natural sugar. If you're trying to cut back on dairy, or just can't have it in general, then this yogurt product is a healthy, creamy alternative.

9. Chobani

When you walk down the fridge aisles at a grocery store, there are some brands that you always seem to notice on the shelves, and one of those is probably Chobani. The Chobani brand makes yogurts, oat milk, and other dairy and plant-based products. When it comes to yogurt, however, Chobani claims that they are the No. 1 brand for the creamy breakfast item in the entire country. Its products contain completely natural ingredients and have no added preservatives. Chobani has a wide range of different yogurt products, from Greek yogurt to Flip yogurts to its Less Sugar yogurts.

The Less Sugar yogurts that Chobani offers all have nine grams of sugar per serving. They come in a variety of flavors, including Willamette Raspberry and other fruit flavors, as well as a Madagascar vanilla and cinnamon. Chobani also has a plain on-fat Greek yogurt that has even less sugar, with five grams total — none of which are added sugars. People absolutely love Chobani's yogurts, either as a snack or as an add-on to a meal. One review on Amazon notes that the low-sugar yogurts are tastier than the regular Chobani yogurts. With reviews like that, there's no reason not to add this brand of yogurt to your shopping list.

10. So Delicious

We've seen dairy-free yogurt made out of almond milk, as well as a dairy-free yogurt made primarily out of pili nuts, so how about a dairy-free yogurt made out of coconut milk? So Delicious is a company that offers a dairy-free line of products, all made with coconut milk, almond milk, oat milk, and other plant-based milks. Their yogurts, in particular, are made out of coconut milk, and while some of the yogurts that this brand has contain greater amounts of sugar, there are some yogurt products from So Delicious that have much less and could definitely fit into a low-sugar diet.

So Delicious' unsweetened yogurts come in two flavors: plain and vanilla. Both are made with coconut milk and only have a single gram of natural sugar in them. 

There are also three flavors of this brand's yogurt that contain a little more sugar than their unsweetened alternatives, but still less so than the average serving of yogurt. Their mixed berry with chamomile extract, mango with ginger and turmeric extracts, and strawberry with elderberry extract flavors have seven to eight grams of sugar in them, while also containing other nutritional ingredients that make them all healthy for you. If you like coconut milk and yogurt, then, even if you aren't someone who has to eat dairy-free products, you'll likely enjoy this product.

11. Siggi's

Another brand that offers the Icelandic style of yogurt is Siggi's. Like the Icelandic Provisions brand, Siggi's yogurt is made with four cups of milk, before it's boiled, mixed with live cultures, and then strained to make for a creamy, smooth yogurt. The company was founded quite recently in 2005, when Siggi Hilmarsson wanted to recreate the yogurt that he grew up with, as he felt most yogurts on store shelves were too sweet for his palette. He began to make Skyr from his kitchen in New York, which is how we ended up with the Siggi's yogurt we see in grocery stores today.

Siggi's yogurts typically contain a good amount of protein per serving, but when it comes to sugar content, it varies. A cup of Siggi's skyr can have from 9 to 11 grams of sugar on average, offering flavors like orange ginger and vanilla. The brand also has a plain flavor of yogurt that only contains four grams of sugar and a drinkable version of the flavor with seven. If you want to go even further, then they have two "lower-sugar" yogurts that only contain two grams of sugar, available in the flavors of strawberry and vanilla. This is a thicker, creamy yogurt with lower amounts of sugar, so there's a whole lot about this brand that you may find appealing.

12. Oikos

Greek yogurt typically has a lot more protein in each serving than your regular yogurts, isn't as sweet, and has a tangier taste (via Healthline). When it comes to yogurt brands, Oikos Triple Zero's Greek yogurts make sure these facts are loud and clear. The black and silver labeling on each carton of this brand's yogurts stands out among the more lightly colored yogurts, and the contents within each cup are quite healthy for you. Not only do they contain 15 grams of protein each, but they have no artificial sweeteners, no fat, and, most importantly, no added sugars.

Oikos Triple Zero's Greek yogurts come in many different flavors, so there's a lot to choose from with this brand alone. If you want something fruity, then you can pick one of their peach, strawberry, blueberry, or other fruit-flavored yogurts. If you aren't a fan of fruit-flavored yogurts, then one of their sweeter salted caramel or vanilla-flavored Greek yogurts may fit your fancy. The best part? No matter what flavor you prefer, each of these Greek yogurts only contains five grams of sugar. If you're looking for a protein-filled, low-sugar yogurt, then Oikos Triple Zero's Greek yogurt is a wonderful yogurt to pick up the next time you're at the supermarket.

13. Two Good

There's no such thing as a food that tastes too good, but some low-sugar products may just seem too good to be true. At least, that's what Two Good says about their Greek yogurts. Two Good, as the name suggests, is a brand that offers low-sugar yogurts, all with only two grams of sugar. They pride themselves on having 80% less than the average Greek yogurt brands, while at the same time retaining a sweet, tasty flavor. A serving of this Greek yogurt also has a solid amount of protein, generally containing about 12 grams per cup — all for just 80 calories.

There are loads of flavors to choose from when it comes to Two Good's Greek yogurts. While they have your typical strawberry, vanilla, and plain yogurts, you can also find lemon, mango hibiscus, and mandarin orange, all ready to provide you with a fruity and sometimes citrusy flavor. Too Good also has a limited-edition pumpkin flavor, as well, that you can enjoy when autumn rolls around. Once again, keep in mind that all of these are under two grams of sugar.

14. Clover Sonoma

Clover Sonoma has a wide range of dairy products, but you have to be careful if you're looking for a low-sugar yogurt option. While all of its products are delicious, some of the brand's yogurts contain as much sugar as what you might find in a serving of ice cream. However, they do have three yogurt products that fall under the relatively low-sugar category, and they're all delicious. If you happen to see them in stores, there's no reason not to go for these yogurts — just make sure you're paying attention to the flavor.

The only low-sugar product that Clover Sonoma has in terms of yogurt is their plain yogurt, which Clover Sonoma sells in three different ways. The first is their regular organic low-fat yogurt, which has 11 grams of sugar in each cup and is a solid base yogurt to have at breakfast. They also have a plain organic Greek yogurt and a plain "Cream on Top" organic yogurt, which, as its name suggests, has a layer of cream on top of the yogurt. The plain Greek yogurt has the lowest sugar content, with only five grams total, while the yogurt with cream has 11 grams. These three yogurts would serve as an excellent addition to any meal.

15. Yoplait Light

Of all the yogurts in stores, none are quite as memorable as the Yoplait brand. The colorful flower logo of the brand has remained the same since Yoplait's founding in 1965, though the yogurts that it carries has changed quite a bit. Most of the brand's yogurts have a lot of sugar in them, so you shouldn't expect to see their limited-edition Starburst yogurt or Whips! yogurts on this list. However, Yoplait does have quite a few products that have a much lower sugar content than its Original yogurts that are still just as flavorful and with almost a third of the amount of sugar.

Yoplait has a line of Greek yogurts, all 100 calories with seven grams of sugar. They come in your typical yogurt flavors, such as strawberry, vanilla, and mixed berry. Yoplait also has Light yogurts, which are lower-calorie and lower-sugar versions of Yoplait Original yogurts. There's a much greater variety of flavors you can find with these yogurts, like Boston cream pie, cherry, orange crème, and "strawberries 'N bananas." Its light yogurts only typically have seven grams of yogurt. You don't have to give up Yoplait if you're looking to cut back sugar — just enjoy Yoplait's Light yogurts instead.

16. Stonyfield Organic

Stonyfield Organic is another yogurt and dairy company that started out as a small farm, but has grown into a larger, much more successful dairy production chain that features milk, smoothies, and yogurts among its products. In 1983, Stonyfield's founders only had seven cows, but now they boast a large chain of dairy goods that are sold in grocery stores today. You can find many different yogurt products from this brand — both frozen yogurt and regular organic yogurt. With Stonyfield, you'll find yourself with several healthy, low-sugar options at your disposal.

Some of Stonyfield's products have quite a bit of sugar, so you need to be a little wary about which products you buy. However, the brand has plain yogurts that definitely fall under the low-sugar category. Their plain organic probiotic yogurt only contains eight grams of sugar and is made out of whole milk. Stonyfield also has Greek yogurts, including a classic whole milk Greek yogurt. Another whole milk Greek yogurt is 100% grass-fed. These Greek yogurts have less sugar than Stonyfield's regular yogurt at just five grams of sugar and contain a healthy amount of protein.

17. Fage

Fage is another brand that you'll commonly see in the yogurt aisles of grocery stores. The cream company originally started out as a small dairy shop in Athens, Greece, and Fage hit the U.S. in the early 2000s. The brand still runs as a family-owned business today. With Fage meaning "to eat" in Greek, you know that you're in for some pretty good products, all of which are masterfully crafted and blended to creamy greatness. The brand offers different yogurts with low amounts of sugar, which are great to add to a low-sugar diet.

Most of Fage's yogurt products have 11 grams of sugar, but you can also find some yogurts with lower amounts. There's the lactose-free BestSelf yogurt, which has five grams of sugar and has a rich, creamy flavor. There's also Fage's 0%, 2%, and 5% Total yogurts, which contain various amounts of milkfat, along with five grams of sugar, as well. They're all natural, full of protein, and with no added sugar. If you like yogurt, you'll likely find a product you like from Fage.

18. Wallaby Organic

After the founders of Wallaby Organic discovered Australian yogurts, there was no turning back. Wallaby's yogurt is slow-crafted with organic ingredients, and is a richer, creamier kind of yogurt compared to your standard store-bought products. The brand solely sells yogurt, so you know that it knows its stuff. The Wallaby Organic brand offers a few different kinds of yogurts, each with a slightly different twist. While some of these yogurts are made with more sugar than you might like, the rest are wonderful low-sugar dairy products that can help you start your morning off right.

One yogurt that Wallaby offers is its low-fat Greek yogurt that's sweetened with honey. This comes in three flavors: honey, mixed berry, and peach. Each flavor only contains eight to nine grams of sugar total, and are all very sweet thanks to the honey. They also have "No Sugar Added" Greek yogurts, which come in strawberry and vanilla flavors and have from five to seven grams of sugar. If you're looking for something you can add flavor to yourself, however, there's an option for that too: their plain low-fat and nonfat styles of Aussie Greek yogurt, which only have five grams of sugar, as well.

19. :Ratio

The next yogurt we have on this list belongs to :Ratio. :Ratio is a brand that offers different keto-friendly snacks and foods, all made with the health and nutrition of its patrons in mind. The brand offers crunchy plant-based snack bars, soft-baked brownie and cookie treats, and a wide selection of keto-friendly snacks. According to its About Us page, :Ratio puts a lot of effort into carefully picking out the ingredients it puts into not just its yogurt, but all of its products to make balanced, healthy snacks. In the case of its yogurts, that means low-sugar options.

As of now, :Ratio's keto-friendly yogurts come in eight flavors, including vanilla, coconut, black cherry, mixed berry, and other fruit flavors. Every flavor comes with 15 grams of protein and just a single gram of sugar. The reviews for these yogurts praise the product's flavor, with one buyer on Amazon calling its taste "sinful." No matter what flavor you get, however, each is creamy, flavorful, and a wonderful, protein-packed yogurt to either have as a snack or add to your morning meals to pair with pancakes or some fruit.

20. Brown Cow

The final product we have on this low-sugar yogurt list is an item made by the Brown Cow yogurt company. This brand was created by "two hippies," as well as a cow named Lily, over half a century ago, and ever since its founding, Brown Cow has provided sweet Crème Brȗlée and Chocolate Pot de Crème desserts, as well as a wide range of flavored yogurts fit for a morning meal. While Brown Cow has a lot of yogurts, only one of them makes this low-sugar yogurt list. Fortunately, it's a creamy product that you'd likely enjoy just as much as you would any of the other yogurts the company features.

Brown Cow's plain yogurt comes in single cups, as well as a larger 32-ounce carton. They are made primarily out of whole milk, as the product only contains two ingredients: cultured, pasteurized whole milk and pectin. The yogurt lacks any artificial growth hormones, flavors, or sweeteners that customers might be worried about. It's rich and creamy, and it only contains seven grams of sugar — so you can enjoy this yogurt as a snack or part of a meal without stressing too much about sugar content.