Arby's And Old Spice Have An Answer To The Meat Sweats

In this day and age, fast food chains need more than just good grub to keep up with the competition. While some brands make waves for their food, others get attention for their notorious marketing and social media presence. With an impressive 3.9 million followers, Wendy's has made a name for itself on Twitter. From calling out competitors to delivering hilarious roasts, the Wendy's Twitter account packs a savage punch. Taco Bell also strategically uses its Twitter to appeal to Millennials, directing amusing tweets at famous figures including Ed Sheeran and Michael Jordan (via Ranker).

According to Restaurant Business Online, Starbucks is actually leading the fast food marketing game, producing "the most impressions with paid posts across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn." The runner-up chains include Wendy's, Arby's, Taco Bell, and Chipotle. The Arby's marketing team has broken more than one world record in its tenure, and now, the crew is at it again: The meat-centric chain just aired a collaboration with Old Spice. In this rib-tickling commercial, the two brands provide users with a solution to the "meat sweats."

Will this deodorant cure the meat sweats?

An Arby's and Old Spice collaboration might not make much sense on paper. One brand is a fast food sandwich chain, renowned for its Arby's roast beef sammys, while the other specializes in male grooming products. But when paired together, the duo's "Ultimeat Dreams" ad makes a lot of sense.

The advertisement plays on the idea of "meat sweats," the unfortunate perspiration that occurs after consuming too much meat. The perfect defense against the meat sweats? Old Spice deodorant, of course! In the commercial, actor Isaiah Mustafa, an Old Spice commercial veteran, is seen crashing an Arby's commercial. The former football player climbs a towering roast beef sandwich before spritzing himself with some Old Spice deodorant.

Mustafa and Ving Rhames, who voices the famous Arby's "we've got the meats" slogan, exchange in a hilarious back in forth (via Ad Age). Ultimately, Rhames tries to kick Mustafa out of the commercial, booming, "Get out of this ad!" The commercial ends with Rhames saying, "We've got the...," and Mustafa chiming in with "meat sweats!"

At the end of the commercial, viewers get a glimpse of two types of Old Spice deodorant under the "Meat Sweat Defense Kit" line. Funnily enough, viewers could purchase an actual Meat Sweat Defense Kit on the Arby's website — until it sold out. The box includes deodorant, a roast beef patterned sweatshirt and sweatpants, and a gym towel and sweatband for $60.