Pabst Blue Ribbon's New Party Pack Ensures You'll Have Beer All Summer

The 4th of July is almost upon us, and that means burgers, hot dogs, and, of course, beer. For many people, cracking open a cold one to celebrate the country's independence is as American as it gets. And this year, Pabst Blue Ribbon is helping their fans celebrate in a big way. The brand has just announced they will be releasing a 1844-can pack of beer, the largest beer pack in history ever to hit the market, according to Vine Pair.

Pabst is certainly no stranger to releasing monster party packs of their popular brew. With this 1844 pack, PBR is breaking their own record. Last year, Pabst celebrated the Fourth of July with a commemorative 1776 pack of patriotic red, white, and blue cans, via Vine Pair. And in 2019, they offered limited-edition 99-can beer packs. Now, they are topping themselves with their newest campaign, which honors the founding year of the Milwaukee-based company. This year, they also aim to bring relief to their fans from both the warm weather and the pain of rising inflation, in the form of a whopping 76 cases of beer.

PBR is also launching a major giveaway this summer

Pabst Blue Ribbon's Vice President of Marketing Nick Reely told Forbes the company was inspired to go even bigger with this campaign thanks to "all the attention our 1776-pack created last year," which generated "$9 million in free advertising revenue."

Over the summer, 250 of the new 1844 packs will be distributed to fans nationwide across participating bars, liquor stores, and major retail chains, according to Forbes. But fans won't have to stop at simply scoring one of these massive packs and throwing the biggest 4th of July party of the year with their family and friends.

Pabst Blue Ribbon plans to help fuel their fans' summer fun in more ways than one this month. Starting on July 1, PBR fans can also enter via the company's website or QR scan to win a number of great deals throughout the summer to help offset rising prices. The company is giving away $1,844 every day to lucky sweepstake winners in July. Other lucky winners can also score 1,844 gallons of free gas to help ease the pain of rising gas prices, as well as win other gifts and prizes throughout the months of July and August. So PBR fans who are looking for a unique way to beat both the heat and the ongoing economic pressure might be interested in checking out this limited-time giveaway.